What is Fat Cat Friday? 'Leave' voters are willing to give 5 months ago   02:02

The Independent
Just four days into 2019 the UK's highest-paid bosses will have already earned as much as their workers.

The Independent's economics editor Ben Chu explains.
Video by Matt Murphy.

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These CEO's should all be given a IQ Test. The Results would show that they are not that smart. Think about it if these CEO's were really that smart why are they not starting their own Corporations? None of these CEO's attempt to start their own Company's because they know it is fair fair easier to run someone else's Business than to start your own. Enough is enough it is time for working to start striking over this Rubbish strikes are the only thing that will end this madness.
Lucky enough to earn £3.9 million? I think you mean hard working enough.
RR Extra
the independents logo is the bird carrying the word. their other logo is the eye
RR Extra
a hundred and 33 eh.
Steel Mcneal
Yeah yeah. what about gender? Woman are owed 300 years of reparations.
This is just a video about jealousy.
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'Leave' voters are willing to give What is Fat Cat Friday? 5 months ago   06:27

Voters who cast their ballots to leave the European Union in the United Kingdom's recent referendum on membership in the bloc said they would be willing to pay the economic price of severing access to the EU's single market if that's what it takes to stop more immigrants from coming to work in the UK.

This is after some prominent leaders of the Leave campaign have backtracked since winning the referendum to say that they may not, after all, be able to put immigration controls in place if they want to keep doing business with the EU.

VICE News sent Simon Ostrovsky to Clacton-on-Sea, a bastion for the pro-Leave United Kingdom Independence Party to find out why its residents were so ready to give up on the European project.

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