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The Conservative leadership frontrunner Boris Johnson has skipped another round of hustings, where his rivals all faced questions on their policies, but his campaign has got another boost after winning the endorsement of the Health Secretary Matt Hancock. (Subscribe:

That hasn't stopped his critics from urging him to face more rigorous scrutiny, saying the public was "entitled" to expect it.


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Boris will be the last Tory leader to be prime minister. What a way to end.
Dean Oleson
Interesting that left wing British media is the same as left wing US media. They both deny their obvious bias and continue pure bullshit.
Kenneth Cox
Why is the BBC left wing union supporters dealing with the Tory Party Votes, BBC is out to cause trouble their rotten crooks,
Kenneth Cox
Muslim Mayor worst ever London had , Muslim prime Minister ! No chance ,be a civil war ,
Could listen to RJM sleigh snowflake all day long
Philip George
What the £39B "belongs" to the EU? Jon Snow is a remain biased Ch4 interviewer.
SJ putting forward his nomination as UK PM on the back of that huge issue to us all "Islamophobia in the conservative party". The mind truly boggles.
They are all lying twats
Why would he talk to biased press and why does the moron labour guy use the term “ crashing out “ !!!!! All physiological clap trap
Shitstain Knobknocker
I'll wager who Channel 4 (and their mindset) are supporting?
MrJohn Dal
Remainers are Traitors of the peoples Democratic rights we need change. not another bunch of traitors in line for Leadership.
The Canada First Party
Does Boris know how to comb his hair with a balloon better than Bernie Sanders ?
seanna madra
David Walker
Comments disabled for SNP s Ian Blackfords stirring denouncement of Johnson as being unfit for office at PMQ today and the sound of the braying Tories backing the hard right buffoon they are about to unleash was an unedifying spectacle
Only thing going for the Tories is Labour 🤪
Fox Elected
British people will be EXTREMELY STUPID if they choose BORIS to become a PM. Extremely stupid. You still have chance to not vote for him.
J. Ho
Britain is in a shambolic mess and I dont trust a candidate gunning for the Premiership who is not inclined to share his thoughts/ideas/mandate on Brexit etc, to see us out of it. Mr Johnson is such a candidate. And his Bromance with Trump is a huge turn off as well.
Remember how Boris and Co. put up that poster back in pre-referendum days about the NHS benefiting from £350 milllions per week should we vote Leave??
TBH, none of these candidates command much respect with their rhetoric. More Troubled times ahead I fear...
jack deegan
Blo Jo is just blair in Trump’s clothing.
God save the world and GB from Boris Johnson!
robertas matulis
Ha ha EU as third world country.
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Britain's next PM: the Conservative Party Boris Johnson boosted by new cabinet 1 day ago   1:14:23

As the race to be the UK's next Prime Minister heats up, Krishnan Guru-Murthy hosts a live debate between the challengers. (Subscribe:


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