Yungen ft. Craig David - Intimate Blonde - I Loved You (feat. Melissa 5 months ago   03:38

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T. Matthias
Thanks for the love guys ❤️ let me know what you all think!
Aaa678 0
so good👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😇😇
Olafeczekk_ K
mazvydas brundza
So damn amazing 🙂👍🔥, High Performance @ Matthias, thank you !!
Brian King
love this Mix, banger
Chikin Baby
Amor para todos esta música me pone en otro Nivel
Colin McDermott
Yea I like it like that 👌
Efrat Lev
That moment when the remix beats the original song♥️
ayyy the heat is back
Anton König
You can get the sunglasses here:
КАЙФ ! ! !
Tim Otgens
T. Mathias back at it again with a banger of a Remix❤️
Bruno Henrique
Craig David the best
Crunchy Network
Oh my god, still remember supporting one of the first T. Matthias songs. Feel so proud!
Ersin MUI
great chanel, keep it up
T. Matthias has never let me down!
Trap Lion
Nice 👍
Haven't heard that name in a while
Alexander Makarov
really good one wow!
Otavio Monteiro
Esse T.matthias é fodaa.
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Blonde - I Loved You (feat. Melissa Yungen ft. Craig David - Intimate 5 months ago   03:18

Blonde - I Loved You (feat. Melissa Steel) [Official Video]
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Blonde are Adam Englefield and Jacob Manson. Two young Bristolians who met over the internet via Adam's Youtube Channel "Eton Messy" and have been making sweet music ever since.

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Director: Jack Laurance
Producer: Clare Gibson
Production Company: Armoury London
DoP: Benjamin Kitchens

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