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Kanye West - Famous


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Headless Face
2:35 Trump?!?!
It’s so ironic how everyone comes here after drama Taylor started. She making him famous
HighFunctioning Fangirl
This is the only video I have seen that has more dislikes that likes. And for good reason.
Zien TA
This porn has a good music
Its so wierd that katlyn and kim are in the same bed🤢🤢🤢 i dont even understand what the fuck this is i am ssoooo comfused.
Abilio Tavares
What's the point. Not seeing yet. I know very probably thia video has a point. Right?!
so confused lol that shit fake right ??
Ashton S.
Everyone disliked this because it’s age restricted. Am I right?
Syphex Hd
One of the reasons why I don’t like or have respect for Kanye west
Why is everyone complaining about the Video, that just shows your a Virgin.
And also nobody is talking about the long ass bed.
Nathalia Poveda
enfermo culiao
Video is weird but great song
James Anderson
I am laughing at all the shocked comments. This is KANYE WEST. He is always doing controversial stuff. The famous people being exposed in these naked wax figures , that symbolizes the fact that celebrities don't have any true privacy. They are always being watched, even in their sleep, lol. All Taylor Swift did is give this video even more exposure.
Kanye : I made that bitch famous.
Your Mum
Wtf this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen
Kremit 17
Caitlyn Jenner be like: *morning boner*
Yến Ngô
You said that you make Taylor famous because you can sleep with her? Oh Ray J can say the same thing to your wife Kim K. Both of you are 🐀🐀🐀 and trash. Told your wife suck Ray J di*k harder
Ritto Peter
Omg why this is fake or not
laser torres
I come back to press the dislike button again
real_helin CLUB
Video hala kaldırılmamış youtube senin aq
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Tyga - 1 of 1 Kanye West - Famous 12 months ago   05:06

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Official music video by Tyga performing 1 of 1. 2016 Last Kings Music