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The overall manufacturing process of toy racing cars a.k.a Scalextric.

Have fun!...

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Mark James
These Chinese workers look like they could care less about Scalextric racing
That chic at :57 and 1:22 :)
Jomaster The Second
Crikey. That detail!
"China famous for its cost effective production" .. yeh you just keep telling yourselves that, horrible bastards!
315 S Camden Ste 400 Beverly Hills
china?/ Fuck them.
abhi kaushik
Any contact details of manufacturers of tracks in China ?
Fred Neecha
All in one Bantai
can u give detail of which product u use for tyer
So presumably, if these were still being made in Ramsgate, they would cost £50 per car instead of £30? Oh no, wait, the prices would probably be the same, but the company directors would not be able to drive around in Bentleys and Ferraris is all.
Colorodo Strong
Up next How it's made : General Tso Chicken
Tim Tim
Does not look like fun.
Mr Furry
Hopefully steve jobs was reborn as one of these Chinese girls....
Warner Robins
These poor Chinese workers must think we are morons with all the sh_t we buy in America.
Stefan Ott
IT is not Scalextric, the name of the brand is Carrera.
Chiner of course.
Specialized 29er
I hope the manufacturers pay their workers well.
Stephen Livers
Did you know the average Chinese worker thinks about killing themself 4 times a day.. FACT! And yes I have been to China and was in the sleepy little area of Guangdong..HELL ON EARTH..Dirtier than any place in India!
Can I just say as a genuine badge-wearing paid up 1979 member of the 'Scalextric Formula one drivers club', those are not 'imitation' tyres. They are real tyres, miniature yes, but quite real. I have burned some of those out... oh I could tell you some tales, I have raced Fittipaldi and Hunt, and a Gerbil!!
So 2,000 Chinese are building a British invention?
WTF went wrong?
Robert Chinnock
My dad built a box and put a scalelltix racing car track for me with 4 cars
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15 Most Expensive Children's Toys How It's Made - Model Racing 4 months ago   09:39

Buying a kids toy doesn't usually break the bank but in this case your going to need to win the jackpot to buy these toys from a hot wheels car so rare that its worth 70 to 100 thousand dollars to a 1.5 million dollar rubix cube covered in jewels that even bill gates would feel ashamed buying we count 15 of the Most Expensive Children's Toys Ever Made

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15 - Gold Nintendo Game Boy $30,000
14 - PEZ Dispenser $32,205
13 - The Off Roader $40,000
12 - Priciest Playhouse $54,000
11 - Teddy Bear $65,000
10 - Lionel 3360 Burro Crane $85,000
9 - Hot Wheels Rear Loader Beach Bomb 1969 $100,000
8 - Original G.I. Joe 12″ $200,000
7 - Gundam Fix Platinum Toy Robot $250,000
6 - Priciest Dollhouse $256,500
5 - Priciest Barbie $302,500
4 - Ginza Tanaka Rocking Horse $1.47 Million
3 - The Masterpiece Cube Rubik’s Cube $1.5 million
2 - Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear $2.1 Million
1 - L'Oiseleur Doll $6.25 Million

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