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These are the 100 most watched K-Pop music videos on Youtube. They're basically the Most Popular K-Pop Music Videos of All Time! I've excluded dance-practices, live performances, and songs not sung in Korean. If I have missed any songs that should be on this list, I apologize in advance. Each month I will update this list, so that we can see which songs are rising in popularity, and which are falling out of the public's eye. Thanks for all of your support over the years guys. I have so much fun making these videos for you!

You must remember that this video was made on November 1st 2015, so of course the views would be different! Youtube updates video views every hour, so if you find a K-Pop song should be on the chart now it's most likely because they gained a lot of views AFTER this video was made.

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Songs in this list:

Gangnam Style - Psy
Gentleman - Psy
Oppa Is Just My Style - Psy ft. Hyuna
Fantastic Baby - BigBang
Gee - Girls’ Generation
I Got a Boy - Girls’ Generation
I Am the Best - 2NE1
The Boys - Girls’ Generation
Bubble Pop! - Hyuna
Mr. Simple - Super Junior
Electric Shock - F(x)
Oh! - Girls’ Generation
Growl - EXO
Overdose - EXO-K
Ice Cream - Hyuna
Good Boy - G-Dragon x Taeyang
Run Devil Run - Girls’ Generation
Bad Boy - BigBang
Bonamana - Super Junior
Blue - BigBang
Lucifer - SHINee
Step - Kara
Twinkle - TTS Girls’ Generation
Loser - BigBang
Bang Bang Bang - BigBang
Ring Ding Dong - SHINee
Sorry, Sorry - Super Junior
Wolf - EXO
Crooked - G-Dragon
Trouble Maker - TroubleMaker
Lollipop - BigBang & 2NE1
Call Me Baby - EXO
Haru Haru - BigBang
Eyes, Nose, Lips - Taeyang
No Other - Super Junior
Alone - Sistar
Tonight - BigBang
Monster - Bigbang
Mr. Mr. - Girls’ Generation
I Love You - 2NE1
Ma Boy - Sistar19
Lonely - 2NE1
Hello - SHINee
So Cool - Sistar
Sexy, Free & Single - Super Junior
Heartbreaker - G-Dragon
I Need a Girl - Taeyang
Bae Bae - BigBang
Come Back Home - 2NE1
Crayon - G-Dragon
History - EXO-K
Face - Nu’est
Falling In Love (2013) - 2NE1
Fire - 2NE1
Ringa Linga - Taeyang
Red - Hyuna
Party - Girls’ Generation
Fiction - Beast
One of a Kind - G-Dragon
Rum Pum Pum Pum - F(x)
Hands Up - 2PM
Love Song (2011) - BigBang
Korea - Psy
Mama - EXO-K
That XX - G-Dragon
Beautiful Night - Beast
Be My Baby - Wonder Girls
Crazy - 4Minute
Genie - Girls’ Generation
Hot Summer - F(x)
Touch My Body - Sistar
Dancing Queen - Girls’ Generation
Mamacita - Super Junior
Only You - Miss A
Go Away - 2NE1
Don’t Stop the Music - 2NE1
Pinocchio (Danger) - F(x)
Who You? - G-Dragon
Up & Down - EXID
Right Now - Psy
Catch Me If You Can - Girls’ Generation
Hoot - Girls’ Generation
Sober - BigBang
Trap - Henry ft. Kyuhyun & Taemin
Mirotic - TVXQ / DBSK
Bar Bar Bar - Crayon Pop
Can’t Nobody - 2NE1
Sexy Love - T-ARA
Love Me Right - EXO
Wedding Dress - Taeyang
Give It To Me - Sistar
I Don’t Care - 2NE1
Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms - High4 & IU
Bad Girl, Good Girl - Miss A
Let’s Not Fall In Love - BigBang
Good-Bye Baby - Miss A
Miniskirt - AOA
We Like 2 Party - BigBang
Lion Heart - Girls' Generation
Ah Yeah - EXID

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Fanboy Army
Ok so I discovered kpop at that time.. omg the feels 😭
Phuong Ha
Came here from Nov 2017. Very fews song can still make it 02 years later, and well, I don't know two third of the songs here :)))))).
Laura Puerto
When BTS didn't have any entry :') and now they have eight :'3 I'm so proud of my sons :')
we like to party yea yea yea yea
i love k-pop ive loved it ever since i was a little girl well im 13 right now so yeah all my life im a fan girl hehehe ^-^
paula pante
If count No.100 as 1 point and No.1 as 100 points:

1. BigBang (including G-Dragon + Taeyang) - 1401 pts (+63pts, ---)
2. Girls' Generation (including TTS & Taeyeon) - 733 pts (-8pts, ---)
3. 2NE1 - 482 pts (-23pts, ---)
4. 4Minute with HyunA - 433 pts (+8pts, ---)
5. EXO - 424pts (+8pts, ---)
6. Super Junior (including Henry) - 408 pts (-6pts, ---)
7. PSY - 347 pts (-9pts, ---)
8. Sistar - 217 pts (-5pts, ---)
9. SHINee - 211 pts (-2pts, ---)
10. F(x) - 174 pts (-12pts, ---)
11. Beast (including Hyunseung) - 145 pts (-4pts, ---)
12. KARA - 77 pts (-6pts, ---)
13. Nu'est - 48 pts (-1pt, ---)
14. MissA - 41 pts (+2pts, +1rank)
15. 2PM - 39 pts (-1pts, -1rank)
16. Wonder Girls - 31 pts (-5pts, ---)
17. EXID - 24 pts (+2pts,---)
18. TVXQ - 14 pts (-2pts, ---)
19. Crayon Pop - 13pts (-2pts, ---)
20. T-ARA - 12 pts (-1pts, ---)
21. IU&High 4 - 10 pts (+2pts, ---)
22. AoA - 3pts (-,---)
Najib Razak
Girls' Generation The Best
Matoki Makkaroni
so many yg in this
Библиотека Охотника
With love from Russia
Did i really just watch a 30 min video. it felt like 5 mins lol
Ngoc Quyen
My Phan
Poon Melody
where is taeyeon《I》?
Great job and thankyou!! These videos must take so much work... :o
Control Panel
from 35. up its just boygroup boygroup, boygroup boygroup boygroup with few exceptions (oh hi Hyuna, oh hi Kara) til rank 10. hi ladys again and WHAT FOR LADYS (2NE1 and SNSD
Aleksandra Sawa
Where is Dope by Bts?
myothu koko
no one throung still now psy- Gangnam Style
Max Muller
WTF. where is Apink Song ?
Hani Oppa { Kpop Chart }
Wait what about Girls Generation's Mr. taxi, it has 109 million views.
Kaz Milleer
No BTS, I'm sad
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