Meet the Judge Who Went Viral Soldier Stands At Attention In Pouring 5 months ago   07:31

ABC News
Painesville, Ohio, Judge Michael Cicconetti say he believes in making the punishment fit the crime.

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emily hall
Ran into this judge once. Nice guy and his dog is really sweet too
Sue Johnson
God bless this man's soul
Flynn Mambraku
If Michael Scott was a judge
Jessica Rabbit
Wowwwww.....60 days in jail for stealing a bike!!!😱😱😱....that's CRAZY!!! Could NEV ER LIVE THERE!!!
Jessica Rabbit
I like that he at least is awake and aware of what HIS IMPACT IS and how he AFFECTS PPL!!!👍👍👍👍
Rollo Fenrir
This judge is G 😎
Mike Evans
whaman would be perfect if her hair were black and not dark brown :'|
i thought the punishments would be more painful in that city
it kills me how she was confused on if a dog had a way to express emotions.
Sam Saraswat
public humiliation is illegal
crystal duncan
I like this Judge 👨🏼‍⚖️
TheAmazingEmily 11
The animal abuser should have been forced to live there for a week with minimal food and water
BestNumber _72
I don’t mean to be negative, but doesn’t the constitution forbid this?
Critical Gaming
Bombed a school? Life +60 years or watch every one of my vids😂
cat cat
Bring him to ny state
Tom A
the whale is stupid , probably all the flies from the dump flew up her dress. what a dumb ass
Tom A
this judge needs his own tv show
Tom A
stupid girl
Random Guy
Chick: Ok about the dog you can 1. go pick up trash for 8 hours or 2. Show your dog to John Wick
this is what’s wrong with the justice system. if she were black it would’ve been 30 years in jail or take 30 life sentences...
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Soldier Stands At Attention In Pouring Meet the Judge Who Went Viral 5 months ago   04:53

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