Meet the Judge Who Went Viral Soldier Stands At Attention In Pouring 2 days ago   07:31

ABC News
Painesville, Ohio, Judge Michael Cicconetti say he believes in making the punishment fit the crime.

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ugh, that woman is just like my sister in law who i WISH would be punished like this!
mathias oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah
SNKRhead Games
To that girl that left a dog there to die is disgusting it’s a living being for goodness sakes. I not a fan of a dog in my house because I am muslim but don’t torture a dog like that.
At lest they didn’t have to go to jail cos it could ruin their future it’s rather they don’t go to jail and have a record and do a lesser punishment and be able to start off with a clean slate
Fortnite Gamer
Is she the news reporter that interviewed little tay
Phantomneko Cameron
Steals a bike= 60 days
Abuses a dog=90 days
The hell
Phantomneko Cameron
This makes a lot of sense as these peoples lives aren’t ruined by being in prison
This is great! It wouldn't be done herein the UK as its unusual punishment, which isn't allowed.
Henany Hanum Munthe
Love him.
Judy Jessee
Brother said can’t wait till judgement day
Orange Brains
This guy is having fun with his job
Its awesome😊
Aydens puppets productions 2003
Well boo known as the cutest dog in the world died this morning at the age of 12 but the best part is that he's going to be reunited with his friend buddy who passed away a few years ago
Patricia Richmond
What a great judge
Aydens puppets productions 2003
When That news anchor talked about the funniest things on the internet
Rexford L
8th amendment violations? (Cruel and unusual punishment)
Lucky Lucciano
I like this judge and for me too say that is incredible like god liking the devil
Rick Singha
Frank Caprio is much better😏😏😎
Poor Moose. That stupid fatass bitch got a taste of her own medicine.
He's taking the 8th amendment to the next level
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Soldier Stands At Attention In Pouring Meet the Judge Who Went Viral 2 days ago   04:53

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