Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt 1 day ago   1:00:59

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John Riley
Both of these two have that 'dear in the headlights' look that all tories seem to have.
John Strong
If the UK doesn’t LEAVE by the 31st of October 2019 whoever becomes the next Conservative PM you can take it to the bank it’ll be the last Conservative PM this CENTURY bring on the general election the BREXIT PARTY IS WAITING
The Rub
the artwork in this flick book is really impressive
Leo Cor
All they can do is smear Boris its getting borring n😴w.
Annie Mars
“We went too far on it....” You decimated our police service, and many young people have lost their lives. And who started it all?..... Theresa May. Stop crying wolf” she said. The most despised Home Secretary and the most useless, ineffective Prime Minister ever. I, for one, will never forgive her.
Hunt Walk please resign and stop wasting time thank you ;-)
nicola hamilton
Why does Hunt’s Chinese wife not make him a security risk?
larry povey
Boris isn't competent enough to dominate Europe. Europe will finger blast Boris and send him home. Jeremy hunt will be wined and dined so hard that he won't wanna come back. WE ARE FUCKED! And I'm glad because I fucking hate you all
Ps ..the independant..its not hard to video something as simple as this and upload it to youtube..but seems youve managed to fuck that up.
Hustings! Ive never heard that fucking word before..and this pointless debate between these two cunts will just drag on until its inevitable conclusion that the tories will obviously vote for can we stop this farce dragging on much like brexit..let Boris just get what He wants and lets all just move the fuck on.
Mark Reeves
He was head boy at Charterhouse need I say more. Then Oxford. He stinks of establishment and will maintain the status quo. Boris is Eton/Oxford. Whilst I like him he’s establishment too albeit with a twist. It’s Hobson’s choice here. If we don’t get a proper Brexit Nigel is waiting in the aisle
Mark Reeves
I’m serious about Hunt. How has he got this far. Is this as good as it gets ? How have we let these donuts lead us ? They are utterly useless. The Brexit party at least offers a new approach with new talent and not career politicians. It’s all promises and sound bites with Hunt. He’s a male May
Mark Reeves
Jeremy Hunt is painfully boring. How this man succeeded as an entrepreneur I don’t know. No need for an NHS anaesthetic with this man His voice puts you to sleep.
Jeremy vs Boris is such a stark contrast. Boris speaks as though he has the position already. I think he does.
Aaron Peat
You would think the independent would get decent Broadband.

cheers dad
We must be with USA 100%. No matter if we disagree with one or two policies. We MUST be with them.

Do people not realise that they protect the entire globe? USA does more for the planet in one year than most countries in a millennium.
Just watched the Trump v Clinton battle. For fuck sake England can we be a little less English about this?
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Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt 1 day ago   05:14

Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson have clashed over Brexit in their only scheduled head-to-head encounter of the Tory leadership campaign.

The debate opened with a statement from both candidates which saw Mr Johnson promise to give the UK its "mojo" back, while Mr Hunt claimed he could have an appeal beyond the Tory party.

Although Brexit dominated the debate, were also asked about the current diplomatic spat surrounding the UK's ambassador to the US, tax, and the qualities they believed would make the other a good prime minister.

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