The tech MKBHD is bringing to CES 2019 Google Home Mini Review: 2 weeks ago   06:58

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Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD, is a tech YouTuber with over seven million subscribers. We caught up with him to see what he is bringing to this year’s CES in Las Vegas -- including the camera gear he uses to make his tech videos.

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Marques Brownlee
1 thing that wasn't shown: A single MacBook Pro charger that charges all the USB-C things. The laptop. The iPad. My phone. The headphones. It's great.
Ramiro Estevez
Who is the verge?
Ryan Robinson
I’m the original Mr Red bad Black lol ... I have 123 red and black gear for my music production etc..
Mahek Tailor
Power bank missing
Mas Ia
Cool video, really liked it
abel james
few books, a pen, my id card... that's inside my bag.
Ya don't need clothes
Anoop Tony
Where does all his clothes go? 🤔🤔
can we copyrit verge?
Everett Dailey
Welp...there was a smart Kettlebell lol. I just made a video about it
Nobody Subscribe To My Channel
Subscribe to my channel if you think Marques is handsome xD
South Indian Movies Entertainment
I'm here for MKBHD, and he is indroducing himself here...😂
Cody Lamson
I’ve never noticed color grading issues on any video before this one and wow wtf
MJFC 1980
Hi. Ithink you should do a review on the huawei matebook pro. You may find it a good macbook killer try.
Dharam Intwala
As 8k is becoming more mainstream, are you considering upgraded to ULTIMATE ELITE 16k video recorder?
What about battery chargers
Mobile Tech Point
I use safety pin to eject sim tray 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶
David Anderegg
Liked "With a minimum focal length of...Very close!"
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Google Home Mini Review: The tech MKBHD is bringing to CES 2019 2 weeks ago   05:27

Google Home Mini - Smart, small, and cheaper than before. Worth it?

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Muggsy Bogues by Alltta


Provided by Google for review.