How the New Jersey Nets wasted a prime How the Cavaliers managed to lose Lebron 2 days ago   14:30

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In the mid-2000s, the NBA's Western Conference faltered a bit, allowing for the Eastern Conference to swoop in and win a couple championships. Heading into that mini era, anyone would have picked the New Jersey Nets to snatch at least one of those trophies. But instead of seizing the throne, the Nets followed back-to-back Finals visits with disaster: heartbreaking playoff defeats, payroll cuts, injuries, bad luck, and an eventual departure for Brooklyn.

This is how the New Jersey Nets collapsed.

Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
Directed by Mike Imhoff
Motion graphics by Philip Pasternak and Mike Das
Shot and edited by Alex Hawley


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Richard Lee
Kyle Korver's commencement speech brought me here.
"my kidney, my kidney" lmao
Give me anything voiced by Seth Rosenthal. His storytelling is top tier sports writing, and the best of the best that SBN has to offer. I'd seriously pay for this stuff.
Baste Pillai
Can you do the collapse of the Bad Boys Pistons after winning 2 championships in 1989 and 1990
Tommy Hatfield
I thought at least we'll get one championship trophy. I have been following the Nets since their losing seasons back in the late 80s and 90s. I stuck with them inspite of losing records season after season. I though the team should've had stayed in New Jersey as cross town rivals to the Knicks. I miss them playing in Jersey.
Michael McDonald
Spurs Disrespect from SB, no they didn't come "pretty damn" close lol.
Brian ScalaBREEZY
Update this one
Rafael Mertin
how do you waste a prime jason kidd? he was a bottom end top 10 player in one of the worst conferences ever, LMAO
D Block
We need some more episodes of collapse
Andrew Murray
Can there be a collapse on the early 2010s Detroit Tigers
Kalce II
Why do I love this this type of videos soooo much
Elite Soulfly
So many comments about people wanting collapse on these mediocre teams. Usually these are reserved for great teams. But eventually they will indeed have to start doing teams like these
Luis Rondon
Do the 12-13 NY Knicks. From title contender season to never be in the playoffs again.
Dude, please make video about Sixers collapse after Iverson quit which led to The Process
Holy Diver
Bruce Ratner happened
I remember these teams so much. I used to love the team before they moved to Brooklyn and then I lost total interest in NBA tbh. I really miss them but I'm glad RJ got a ring eventually with the Cavs, he was my favorite player. Also could you imagine Carter if he was on those 03/04 teams? With Kenyon and Kittles
Baste Pillai
How did the Pistons had homecourt advantage if the Nets are the 2 seed? Hmmm?
Tdot Yardman
Can you do a video on how the Raptors turned things around in December 2013 when they made the trade with Sacramento
Hanzo Zer0
I lo e these collapse stories
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How the Cavaliers managed to lose Lebron How the New Jersey Nets wasted a prime 2 days ago   11:18

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Part 1 of how the Cavaliers managed to lost Lebron James twice in his career.