I played against the BEST PLAYERS WE GOT FIRST PLACE in the HARDEST Fortnite 2 days ago   20:34

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I played against the BEST PLAYERS IN THE WORLD and THIS HAPPENED... (Gauntlet Grand Finals)
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I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments Gameplay video! Today, we

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Pranay Mallik
you died to SuperEvan
Ben Cook
Don’t get me wrong there good but there popular
Chase Hartnett
He killed that ginger 3 times
Taro Iwakura
Yikes counter
1 subscriber without Any videos
Sub to me
Can we get 100 subs with no videos?
I got 420th place overall
saifo. d
BlackMirror 20
2:00 says this kids pushing me. Kid: I am running from you
Hes good and all but every second he gets shot hes like OOH MY GOD!
Pug_ player
You are so toxic Formula is better
The Kitten God
Are you still in obey
U played NA so they arent the best players..
Mathieu Galipeau
Kiwiz has a lot of excuses of failing his builds and missing his shots😂😂😂
Isaiah Sidney
Don't let fortnite die make more meems and ho ever reeds this spred this a round but don't let it die stop playing Apex it was the best game in 2018 and it's super young make this speshl for fortnite it is only 1years old remember always do meems and try to get some NO-SCOPES on fortnite help it that's why I'm playing so mutch ho ever reeds this I'm going to be en pressed peace
Isaiah Sidney
Or hoodie
Isaiah Sidney
To be funny maybe your hiding a dildoe under your hat
Why he look like a off brand slappie
Dre Don
too much ads
The Hungry Koala Koala
Ur soo trash every kill was a bot except for 2 or 3 and you whined whenever someone shot u
Zack Edits
Was watching this and wiping my ass at the same time overall great video
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WE GOT FIRST PLACE in the HARDEST Fortnite I played against the BEST PLAYERS 2 days ago   15:36

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