Atlanta Legends vs. Orlando Apollos Meet The Most DISASTROUS Football 1 week ago   10:19

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The Atlanta Legends take on the Orlando Apollos in week 1 of the 2019 AAF football season.

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Juwan Rodgers
JT is God

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Denzel Suitt
AAF should merge with XFL then allow 2K to make their football game exclusively
Which team was more disappointing? The Legends or the Falcons 2018-2019 season😂 Atlanta can’t catch a break😭
Legends best team in the league , we got this
Austin Collins
4:51 it's refreshing to see a QB who can
1) take the hit
2) not act like they snapped their spinal cord
3) not have a penalty called on it
This is what we want. Football. The way it should be played. Just because they're a QB doesn't mean they get to be sissys and get special treatment. They get hit and get up just like everyone else on the damn team. I fully support this and the XFL. Would be pretty cool if one day they could have like a playoff /championship between these two leagues
Denis Wilson
Instead replays pls.... tell the editor to cut alit less.. its like a music video that uses cut away scenes very sec.. allow us to get more familiar with whom we're watching
Denis Wilson
For all of the lames who hate burfit gtfoh
graham peebles
I think since the AAF and nfl are both pro football teams in America they should make a new football game called the American bowl and make it kinda like the pro bowl but with one team all AAF players and the other team all NFL players so the two pro sports leagues can see who is better every year
Covfefe IV
Those rule changes are actually really cool. Lol

I bet Jon Bois is happy. XD
bom video
Vem meu canal gente e7 sou burro
Painted Byrd
Where’s Hingle McCringleberry?
Charlie Dallachie
Hopefully they expand and add more teams to cities without NFL teams.
What’s it To ya
Already better and more relevant from the WNBA
Groovy Grover
I am a Buckeye homer. It was great to see Jalin Marshall play well. Go Bucks! On another note, since my Dad brought me up as a New England Patriots fan and I am a die hard Buckeye fan, it is very hard for me to like Tom Brady because he went to TUN.

I think this is a good product and I love it. Thanks for the upload.
Vishal Sancheti
never watched before... i live in FL... so I guess Ill support the Orlando Apollos. Hopefully they win more than my Bengals. 😊🏈
Matt Bubbles
Atlanta Amateurs
Another atl team great. Why can’t we have one good team of a sport that I actually like.
As A Falcon/Atlanta fan this makes me sick our new team is straight trash. but Orlando is like a second home to me so it's cool
9 Tails
If they add more teams in the AAF and they will surpass the NFL.
Reminds me of when the Negro League was formed
Greg Witt
AAF/XFL Merger
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Meet The Most DISASTROUS Football Atlanta Legends vs. Orlando Apollos 1 week ago   07:28

The World Football League tried to compete with the NFL during the mid-70's and failed miserably. They did bring some interesting ideas to the table.. some good, some bad. The League is mostly unknown, but what is known about it, is truly strange.

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