Atlanta Legends vs. Orlando Apollos Meet The Most DISASTROUS Football 2 months ago   10:19

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The Atlanta Legends take on the Orlando Apollos in week 1 of the 2019 AAF football season.

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Juwan Rodgers
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Isaiah Harris
#AAF #SanAntonioCammanders #OrlandoApollos #AtlantaLegends #SaltLakeStallions #SanDiegoFleet #ArizonaHotshots
I wish I knew about this league. I heard of it but it was never advertised very well. I kind of thought it was like that Mike Vick league.
This is actually pretty good football. Seriously never knew about this league until it went bankrupt.
Hailz Gaming
They didn't even give the League a Chance
David Albertson
Thomas Jurgensen
Thank you for the memories AAF #TakeAim
Steve Sandom
Word of advice HH, this is a new sporting league i have never watched, filling a highlights video with ads is one way i will never watch your videos again. Goodbye
Atlanta sucks
D Me
Games flow much better than NFL games. The refs are sensible with their calls. The no-field goals & extra point kicks is a welcome change. Going out-of-bounds doesn't stop the clock until within 2 mins. Incomplete passes don't either, I believe. And there are athletes playing, no doubt. The NFL should adopt these rules, but they won't, largely. But, us longtime NFL fans have no alligence to these red-state only teams.
Just saw 1st game today had not heard of it. Must not be many teams cause these 2 teams playing again already except in Hotlanta Hope the other games are more competitive cause I would like to see more football. Couldnt get into NFL Europe XFL was fun to watch except for stupid players names
Jack Brown
D Trookard
Weak ass football
Bob Hayett
Please stay in the Spring. Don't compete with the NFL like the USFL did. Not a good idea to have teams in NFL cities either.
Hopefully more fans come to see these games.
Blasta 231
The Atlanta Legends: The first team to score points in the AAF, and the first team to suffer a blowout loss in the AAF. I feel for Atlanta fans.
Also, 9:44 how is that not a catch?!?! He had it clean!!!
Mike Love Thyself
2k sports should pay these players so we can get a good football game again.+ it will help this league grow and establish who the good teams and players are.
Quality Product Period!
colbie mushrush
Need to have an Oklahoma aaf team
Mac B
Yea,the NFL inherented this league now. It basically going to modified the league which is not good for the AAF LONG term. It’s basically going to be like the d league is to the NBA.
A shame about the awfully generic names.
Revolution 13
Even though I am a Jets fan in the NFL so far in the AAF The Orlando Apollo’s are my favorite team!
Amr Kasa
This league is not bad i actually enjoyed this game
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Meet The Most DISASTROUS Football Atlanta Legends vs. Orlando Apollos 2 months ago   07:28

The World Football League tried to compete with the NFL during the mid-70's and failed miserably. They did bring some interesting ideas to the table.. some good, some bad. The League is mostly unknown, but what is known about it, is truly strange.

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