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Back when the internet was young and facts still had meaning, there was the History Channel, featuring shows about - you guessed it - history. But that version of the network is long gone today. Here are the biggest scandals to hit the reality TV outlet that's now simply called History.
Ice Road Truckers is one of History's best-known reality shows, depicting the perilous lives of drivers in the iciest regions of Canada and Alaska. And sure, it's been criticized by actual trucker media like Truck News for exaggerating or even faking some of the danger.
But real scandal hit the show in 2013. According to a CBS report, star Tim Zickuhr abducted Lisa Cadeau after hiring her for escort work in Las Vegas. He claimed she overcharged him by $1,000 and demanded she meet him to settle the dispute. It was then that he dragged her back to his apartment, beat her, and tied her up in a closet.
Fearing for her life, Cadeau gave Zickuhr the phone number of an undercover police officer, claiming he could pay her ransom. Zickuhr called the number and unknowingly arranged his own arrest. The Las Vegas Sun reported Zickuhr confessed on the spot that he intended to hold Cadeau hostage and prostitute her through Craigslist.
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Ice Road Truckers | 0:15
The Kennedys | 1:21
Swamp People | 2:19
Bigfoot Captured | 3:07
Hunting Hitler | 3:57
Amelia Earhart | 4:44
American Pickers | 5:47
The Bible | 6:25
Alone | 7:17
Mountain Men | 8:15
Ax Men | 9:22
Pawn Stars | 10:30

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Which of these History Channel scandals do you think was the worst and why?
Luis Gabriel Negron
2:05 you cant really make a REAL kennedy show with everyone agreeing with it, jfk’s dad was with the mob who would want people to know that if he was your grandfather
Ant Pilig
Chumlee is lucky he did not go to prison for that....
the Rich
no scandals on TRUCK NIGHT IN AMERICA🇺🇸
History channel is mostly trash, but if they keep doing stuff like forged in fire, they could be a bit more legit. It seems the name of the network should change to Totally BS TV.
i actually love all of those shows
Helicopter Dad
CNN qualifies for this too. They continue to spew 100% Fake Russian collusion fake news.
Grunge is more fake than the history channel.
Daniel Hresko
Reminds me of the comedian who said that History/ Discovery/ TLC programs are basically shows about what Klan members do during the day.
Comrade J-ME
Hunting Hitler was an amazing show. How much of a pansy do you have to be to get buttfucked over conspiracies. The doxing was a major fuck up, but my God. People are so weak and pathetic.
Rich Ski
Remember when you learned things while watching the history channel
I remember watching Historz Channel and witness it degrading in front of my eyes. I wrote them a letter saying I won't be watching their channel anymore and I removed it from my TV set. Its crap. Haven't had a wish to watch it since. I also dislike where National Geographic channel was going. Same slope.
The Organic Hologram
Soon to come Skinwalker ranch.. Which will be total bullshit
There are a lot of logs in rivers and lakes because of log driving.
Marcy Carson
People's personal lives should never be exposed to the mass public, it's none of our business. However, when the foundation of these 'real life shows' is pretend... THIS is our Business!!
Ax Greenious
Frank Fritz is suspect! He's suspect as f**k.
Zach Powell
I thought the casting for the devil was spot on.
Well..... Obama is the Devil soooo???
The History Channel is trash
James Henry
Obama is a devil..
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The Deadliest Cars Ever Made The Biggest Scandals To Ever Hit The History 1 day ago   11:13

How deadly is your car? Perhaps your current vehicle isn't the safe and secure ride you think it is and instead, it's a potential accident waiting to happen. Unfortunately, some cars are deadlier than others, and you could be driving in one of these rolling coffins without even knowing it.
In the '80s, the Yugo GV was inexplicably popular despite being like the ugliest car anywhere. Perhaps it was the entry price of just below $4,000, or perhaps it was the fact that it was manufactured in Soviet-bloc Yugoslavia during the Cold War. That probably gave it an air of danger, which is ironic as it actually was dangerous.
The car was cheap both in price and in design, and it goes to show that sometimes, you get what you pay for.
It was so light that LA Magazine says a 55 mph gust of wind once blew one over the edge of a bridge in Michigan, killing its driver. It was also slow, reaching 60 mph in about 14 seconds, and it did poorly in crash tests, which is not surprising for a car that was so light it could literally blow away.
The handling was pretty bad, too. After test-driving an old Yugo, writer Doug DeMuro said this: "A car with a nice, comfortable ride usually has vague, disappointing handling; a car with a harsh ride usually has quick, sporty steering. But somehow, the Yugo's creators blessed it with both a harsh, jarring ride and poor steering and handling."
And it was super ugly, so the Yugo just all around had nothing going for it.

#Cars #DangerousCars

The Yugo GV | 0:15
The Fiero | 1:29
The Pinto | 2:41
Bronco II | 4:01
The Model T | 5:06
The Corvair | 6:19
The Yaris | 7:26
The 458 Italia | 8:45
The Smart Car | 9:46