24 Genres. Two Artists. One song - Shape Peter Griffin, Elmo & More 5 months ago   04:37

Peter Hollens
24 Genres. Two Artists. One song. All voices. Who won?
Shape of You - Ed Sheeran
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Inspired by my friends from Epic Rap Battles of History (Peter & Lloyd)!
This has taken me over six months to make, I really hope you enjoy it. I would love to make more of these for you!

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Mixed By: Ed Boyer - http://edboyeracappella.com/
Arr: Tom Anderson - http://www.random-notes.com/
Edit: Alex Green http://plaidacappella.com/
Mastered by: Dio
Video Concept: Josh Lenhardt / Me :)
VO Work: Berkeley Pickell, Colin Fant

1. Original 0:05-0:16
2. Salsa 0:17-0:21
3. Van Morrison 0:22-0:27
4. Barbershop 0:28-0:37
5. EDM 0:38- 0:47
6. Jason Derulo 0:48-0:50
7. Country 0:51-1:13
8. Frank Sinatra 1:14-1:26
9. Danny Elfman 1:27-1:35
10. Opera 1:36-1:46
11. Funk 1:47-1:54
12. Broadway 1:55-2:11
13. Metal 2:12-2:22
14. Chant 2:23-2:30
15. Ska 2:31-2:36
16. Pentatonix 2:37-2:54
17. Josh Groban 2:55-3:02
18. Polka 3:03-3:10
19. Eric Whitacre 3:11-3:29
20. Punk 3:22-3:26
21. Dancehall 3:27-3:28
22. Bon Iver 3:29-3:31
23. Mariachi 3:32-3:33
24. Skyrim 3:34- 3:35
25. Original (Again!) 3:36-3:48

Comments 13774 Comments

BenWyt Channel
Country part was perfect!
Cory_to_the_ K
I need the whole Country version in my life and I don't even like Country.
Opera 😂 🤣

Metal 🤟 cool
Nani the fuck??
now, i don't usually like the country genre, but--
The Yarny Caterpillar
I didn't know Josh Groban was a style 😂
I loved the country version 😍
Anny Parades
Do one in the style of i am ghost :)
Isti Dwi Utami
Amazing 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Aline Lima
Loved it. Skyrim won!
Big Willy
Should Try Doing High Hopes by Panic at the Disco In Genre or On Top of the world by Imagine Dragon
Heather Kluth
LOL - I love the multi-genres songs. They always leave me feeling happy...
Mistery L
2:36 dios mio referencia
Ryan Johnson
Chant and Ska heck yeah this is what I came for!
Cave Dweller
I need a full Skyrim cover of it
3:05 welcome to Wisconsin. Don’t worry people, I’m from Wisconsin, it’s pretty true
Oscar François de Jarjayes
Gooosh.. You've had me at pentatonix
That's 25
Tony Falcon
Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact they had to go 20 outfits throughout this video.
Tsheten Lepcha
Metal version was awesome
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Peter Griffin, Elmo & More 24 Genres. Two Artists. One song - Shape 5 months ago   02:04

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