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Dr. SuperFunk
Genre:Funk / Soul
Style:Soul, Disco

Nights Over Egypt
Written-By -- Cynthia Biggs, Dexter Wansel
Arranged By -- Dexter Wansel (tracks: A3, A4), Gene Page (tracks: B2, B3), McKinley Jackson (tracks: B1), Richie Rome (tracks: A1, A2, B4)
Engineer -- Jim Gallagher, Joseph Tarsia*, Peter Humphreys
Executive Producer -- Gamble & Huff
Producer -- Dexter Wansel (tracks: A3, A4), Kenneth Gamble (tracks: A1, A2, B4), Leon Huff (tracks: A1, A2, B4), McKinley Jackson (tracks: B1 to B3)
Recorded and Mixed at Sigma Sound, Studios Starship 1, Philadephia, PA.
Printed in Holland

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Gaetano Caponnetto
wonderful music in 1981 like today, timeless music!
Parece yumitus 😂😂😂😂
duffy16 Růžička
Mf doom samplesss
Robert Johnson
Yes.....theme music. 💗☺👍
Terry McK
Awesome track I remember this in the UK charts !!! It was played everywhere radio boom box discos bars pubs ! Cool sexy classy this is just incredible track from these sexy ladies from USA the 80s was a ground breaking era I was a teenager and just loved all this new music when I started clubbing later in Wigan Lancashire England UK I would always ask the d j for this song !!!
Cornell Scott
Amazing song.
Ranona Cirino
when your day is going on a high note after you woke up to each prayer and you went out if you wash your bum brush your teeth without you did your job so great about decisions you make and some other maybe go somewhere maybe in between but you was happy about the decisions you make but didn't know all that all you had a good day came home cooked and cleaned you did everything and gave a I am Beyonce in your home that was peaceful and people came in some wild he's so not something between but then you said to go and say hey have a good night good evening time for you to go I got to go to bed and got to get up work tomorrow you have a good day at that sometimes you have to be able to sometimes you just be present your pleasure was trying to equip person into a pleasant person trust me believe me I know you did it so many it works in my door and I sent to my pleasant trust me it change it makes a difference and then you matter
One of the best intro's out there, the anticipation build up is something else. @ time stamp 0:26 I'm gone!!
Taylor Wanza
keith kirkland
First Kut Klose
Colin Wells
pure class singing about reality
alex hernandez
Talk about a dope track to sample this is a great find
Trice Price
I’m guessing the thumbs down people are just tired of real music and have embraced the junk they make these days. Poor thangs.
Deloris Lamarr
Timeless. Soul. Classic. 🙌🏽❤️
Guy Keelen
That was music no dont
The Kween
My boo put me on to this lol his old hearted self. I was like ohh word okay. 😭
My mother loved them. Remember being in the car listening to them. ❤️❤️💗💗
Janelle Grimes
These sisters were beautiful, classy, stylish and could sang...
Naketa Thomas
The 909 👎gotta be 90s babies...
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