Big War of 21st Century Has Begun Gerald Gerald Celente - Out of the Bag Radio Show: 2 days ago   20:40

Greg Hunter

Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal believes the world is being taken to war because
the world economy ". . . is collapsing. It's collapsing in front of our eyes. The numbers are there." Celente tells people to "buy gold and silver" to preserve wealth and says, "All around the world they are dumping dough into their economies to keep them going." Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with trends forecaster Gerald Celente.

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Austin Ryder
If you're going to try and inform the people of something, then please be more clear to what the fuck you are talking about
Quincey Stackson
his sarcasm is so funny haha i love this guy, & he knows what hes talking about
X Celente.
Ordinary Mevaker Edwin
keeper has no power of himself except the authority of the king.
Ordinary Mevaker Edwin
if you talked about Rothschild family, he is just a puppet and a money keeper of Catholics....
Jews did 9-11 FACT
championkila x
Hey you guys , pull your head out ya asses , look what's going on , he's just highlighting the truth. American foreign policy is sinister !
i think isreal is occupying these other countries because the mentality there is us or them, and that goes for everyone
Kailoa Pulupēikamele
Oh gee! Mr. Celente predicts war. Who'd a thunk there'd be war in our future. Well, let's see now... How about anybody who's not been in a coma their entire life. Has there ever been a single period of no war through out human history? No, there hasn't!
I agree with what you said at the beginning. The whole thing is a scam!
You lost me at the jew-hating thing though. Are you calling me a jew who wants to enslave non-jews? Please clarify.
For the record, not all jews are NaZionists and not all NaZionists are jews. I'm neither. Nor am I a gentile. Wrap your head around that.
true , there rapping the asses of Gentiles . The Zionist and there Dominons , looks to me its more like Rockefellers are wantting every one to hand over there gold .
Ive been lied to so much I view the Whole Govt as Ponzi . A Zionist creation to fuck you out what ever you got . Here keep putting your money into social security you Gentile Idiot . There going make all the police were a badge that looks like star david . Wait minute ? they already are . You a jew ? If you say no! its $500 ticket . If you say YEA ! Im dirty ass Jew , then they give you money , for pulling you over by mistake.
The Zionist are creating more Ponzis as we speak .
Whistleblower Fourtwenty
איתן דסקל
serenity NOW ! serenity NOW!!
Васил Профиров
Is that all you paid attention to ?
Nod Dranoel nofiat.forme!

Noam agrees...
meily HVDSYT
So, here we have it, another guy trying to promote the selling of a book!!!
Pretty much, yeah. None of which are actually Governmental Agencies. They're ALL private corporations and legally speaking they ONLY have authority within the ten square mile District of Columbia.
Pretty much everything the USA people have been told about their country and it's government and agencies are lies. Sad but true.
and who ever else with three letters in their name!
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