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Egypt's North Coast is about to change
Discerning visitors to Egypt's North Coast will be keen to visit one of the most stunning new attractions along its pristine beaches. This attraction is Marassi, a 6.5 million square meter resort bordering an unspoiled beach and the glistening sapphire waters of El Alamein. Designed to be one of Egypt's best year round destinations, Marassi is a fully integrated community, boasting all the characteristics intrinsic to a thriving luxury town. Whether you jump into the center of town for some shopping, explore the intricate network of waterways and lagoons, or simply enjoy the lush scenery, Marassi promises to satisfy.

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ياسراحمد صقر
اوروبا في مصر
Orkun Kara
too hot weather no mountain forest no trees. so thats why Turkey's south coasts are better destination than Egypt north coast. Antalya is the best place of the east mediterrenean
Ahmed S. El-Shorbagy
you are right!
Ahmed S. El-Shorbagy
Please review the spelling of the words. The word heaven is misspelt for example.
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Hacienda Bay North Coast Palm Marassi 5 months ago   05:21

For More Information Please Call + 20122126844
Hacienda Bay Resort North Coast :
The Project:
The expansive, fully-integrated haciendabay project is spread over a vast 2.229.811 million square meters.
• Residential units spread over 214.200 sq.m.
• 18-hole Sanford design Golf Course, spread over 672.000 sq.m.• Lagoons encompassing 75.600 sq.m of the project.
• Lush Landscaping and greenery spread over an impressive 798.000 sq.m.
Residential Units Offering a wide range of residential types, haciendabay features numerous homes from the spacious, luxurious sea front villa, from beautiful chalets overlooking the 18-hole Sanford Golf Course or the Junior Chalets ideally located to the stylish Nikki Beach.