Theresa May is about to answer PMQs PMQs: Theresa May faces MPs' 2 days ago   1:49:29

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R Mason
Revoke Article 50
Bring back stability and commonsense.
goharik jones
Brexit means Brexit.... Mays promise... There should be a song written about Brexit, hell Brexit... These MPs are so out of touch with the public, they will wake up soon.
Is the PM not able to tell any truths at all?
Neil Laverick
This woman is evil and insane and need locking up at least!
Lou Rum
How about we cut all your wages and rise the national minimum for the people.
I voted to leave but I wonder, was I right to do so?
If you think I did wrong then watch my YouTube video and answer my question. Click on FILTER, select ‘Today’ (if it is today: 03/04/19) and enter ‘Was I right to vote for Brexit?’ in the search field.
Salterino Kripperino
1 The AfD is the only sane party in Germany center-right at most
2 You're fake news
3 Triggered over a retweet?
John from London
Corbyn is so cringe wtf
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PMQs: Theresa May faces MPs' Theresa May is about to answer PMQs 2 days ago   55:03

Prime ministers Theresa May faces MPs questions in the houses of Commons.
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