walking in Mexico city (part Historic Mexico City is AMAZING 1 day ago   1:00:49

keezi walks
The greater Mexico City metropolitan area is one of the world's largest and the largest city by population in North America, with an estimated 26 million people living in the region. It is shaped roughly like an oval of about 60 by 40km, built on the dry bed of Lake Texcoco, and surrounded on three sides by tall mountains



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Facta Non Verba
Mexico is a big shit hole 🖕👎
JF de Oliveira
Mexicans look like Peruvians and Bolivians, and Mexico City is a mix of Lima with La Paz.
Mexico is in North America.!!!!!!!!!
is it safe to walk alone on the street?
charles schauer
Love the street lamps
charles schauer
Thanks, Keezi
Shiroumx M
47:12 que edificio es ese?
Celio Cardoso
No hay ciclo faixas en CDMX? :O
One day I will visit Mexico city. I am learning spanish. Probably in 5 years...
Jonathan Caceres
THE people size of México is THE 1,63 for men in south america laugth se Say meximonkey lol
latin language
Hermosaaa. ..pero São Paulo Luce mucho a Ny. ..Cdmx no por su pueblo con razgos indígenas
Manuel Rodriguez
I have walked there many, many times.
Dylan benjamín
que fea es al nivel de las ciudades de centroamerica ¿esa es la mejor ciudad de mexico? que horror
HipHipJorge !
Some of you guys have ridiculously high standards for cities that have yet to even solve their housing issue. This is a developing country so naturally the cities are not as organized or clean as those in the ultra rich countries. If you feel the need to make comparisons, then compare Mexico to Thailand, Turkey, China, Algeria, Iran, Costa Rica, Brazil, etc., ie countries with a similar level of socioeconomic development, not very developed countries like the US, Japan, Germany, Canada, Singapore, etc.

But for a wake up call, they're not living in the 1800s either. This is how New York probably looked like until the 1960s, considering it was overcrowded, dirty, unequal and still going through a ton of construction. Also, there were slums in NYC for the majority of its history. I've been to Mexico City, and while a lot of neighborhoods are sketchy, especially Ecatepec, much of the city is fine and progressing.
pe pe
Lo que pasa es que sus tomas están in poco sobre expuestas, se ve todo muy plano.
pe pe
Odio que camine por debajo de la banqueta!!!!
La mejor ciudad de Latinoamérica 😊
joel lopez
Me caga el ruido de la calle los vendedores, los pitos de los autos.
andre leonc
con esto compruebo que mexico no es lo que dice ser
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Historic Mexico City is AMAZING walking in Mexico city (part 1 day ago   12:35

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