Theresa May faces questions on Brexit Brexit: The story of Prime Minister 2 days ago   1:13:35

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Prime Minister Theresa May answers questions from MPs on the Commons liaison committee over Brexit negotiations
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Chris Ray
Why Do You U K People Put Up With Treason May ?
She Work For The New World Order
Uncle Bright
Mrs *May* is causing *Mayhem* so *May*.must go in this *May* before more *Mayhem* is caused by *May* in next year *May*
fharve harve
Her and her husband should take a long holiday an never come back.
Grant Caulfield
Tm = c****
Build Something
Go home may.
Vai Tamale
She is mad
Social Gadfly
Brexiteers are skilled liars
Leave campaigners before the referendum weren’t consistent on whether Brexit meant leaving the customs union.

The customs union was rarely mentioned by Leave campaigners before the referendum. There were generally calls for the UK to have an independent trade policy, though messages about specific trading arrangements weren’t always consistent.
Dig of the dump
mrs may law is law i as a citizen revoke your extensions !! see you in court.
valharry. harry
So May is right ,and everyone else in the UK is wrong, and they don't know what they are talking about.
What it must be like to be she, who can do no wrong.
Living in her own private bubble called Westminster
Passing Bill's through Parliament when she likes.
And then .... ... She woke up!
Feeling so alone..
Don't miss the next episode of the muppet show.
Captain Freddy
They will all be looking for a REAL job after the elections...
Tony Taylor
I would never vote Tories or labour now with a terrorist sypmerphiser in charge he always talks the same fuckery all the time Corbyn and may are a joke act it to to get out of parliament let someone with the people intrest to heart take charge
Tony Taylor
Nigel farage for pm he backs everything up and he's predictions are right he said there was going to not be a resseion after the parting guess what he was right Tories and labour really scearmongered business to stock pile
She doesn't get it they are laughing at her not to her silly bag
Your telling lies MAY...
CryptoHec E
CryptoHec E
Threason dismay
CryptoHec E
Wow comments enabled!? Or are our comments allowed but then censored like likes
Sandra Winterton
Someone please escort this traitorous old hag out of number 10 Now!
John Stevens
Teresa is doing a fine job for her pay masters..
The EU want to run the UK why not just leave no deal we pay the most to the EU they will want to trade eventually so then we can trade with every country not just the EU which means more money coming in the country and less going out
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Brexit: The story of Prime Minister Theresa May faces questions on Brexit 2 days ago   03:55

Theresa May offers to quit as PM to help get her Brexit deal through parliament.
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But how did she get here?

David Grossman reports on Theresa May's time in office.

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