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What are IELTS writing examiners looking for? Greg Archer, co-author of MINDSET for IELTS, examines how students can become more familiar with the public Band Descriptors for IELTS writing Task 2, thereby enabling them to produce scripts that are more likely to meet the right requirements and deliver in the right areas.

Watch Greg's IATEFL 2019 talk for more on this topic:

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krish na
Thanks a lot, Greg, for your invaluable insights into teaching IELTS. Having watched this video thoroughly, I gained more confidence in teaching IELTS Writing, which unfortunately proves to be the only Achilles' heels for the vast majority of students. However, when I tried to download the certificate, I couldn't. I'd appreciate it if someone could send me the link to the pdf.
ali molaieee
Hey there, I came up with a question when I read Mindset for IELTS Level 2. In page 57 in the Writing section, in exam skills part, we have a diagram that does not have any process labelling. The question is whether it is not necessary to have the process labelling?
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IELTS Task 2 Writing: Lexical IELTS Writing Task 2: raising 1 day ago   12:47

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Translated titles:
IELTS कार्य 2 लेखन: व्याख्यात्मक संसाधन

IELTS المهمة 2 الكتابة: الموارد المعجمية



IELTS tugas 2 penulisan: sumber leksikal