Blood Donation Video Award winning Short films 4 months ago   01:59

A Blood Awareness and recruitment video produced by Anderson Singh for the education of the public on blood awareness in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad & Tobago.
This Video is not endorsed by THE used "How to save a Life" 2005

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Cool, its simple, but many information
I donate blood every 60 days for 3 years now. Thank you for helping me help you. You matter!
Lakhvinder Singh
Hello Friends Please Register With Blood Bank Today with Your Blood Group For Help People in Emergency . You Can Find Blood Donor In Emergency
Blood Bank Today's Mission Is No One Die Cause Of Blood Shortage
vikram nayak
It's sad that the people who care and are willing to help save lives are held back by fear. Avoiding getting a needle stick for about 5-10 minutes can result in so much pain for someone else.
Not_Thunder Gaming
how to download or take it offline on laptop
Narayana Vadla Maddikunta
30 times I donated
Giving blood is Excelente, Networking life is Amazing
Sim Jang
I donated blood today and I nearly fainted so who said it's relatively painless? You should see the size of the needle head it's huge, imagine that plunged into your arm... LOL So donate blood today guys for good courses
Keep up the good work
parveen verma
very good inpiring
I donated blood for the first time yesterday and it felt good because in my mind I believe this will save peoples lives and that's what I've always wanted to do. The feeling of satisfaction is priceless. It was not painful at all and just a few minutes later it was done. Quick and easy. I wished I've donated long time ago I might have already saved a handful but surely this will not be the last, looking forward 3 months later.
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Award winning Short films Blood Donation Video 4 months ago   07:50

donation special gift for human inspirational videos short films is an award winning short films
writer director arif raza
arif raza films uploading this inspirational videos on blood donation as a short films to awaring the human and motivate the people for blood donation, i think after watching this short film many people inspire for blood donation because blood donation give life some one we are making this blood donation documentry only for motivate the public its is a first time we upload blood donation motivation video in hindi.

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cast and crew-malik bhai, salman idrisi, komal singh, vishal rahman- mayank sing, abhimanyu

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