Conan Interviews His Assistant Sona Don Rickles SAVAGE Moments |\| 2 days ago   07:58

Team Coco
Sona steps in to replace Kumail Nanjiani as the guest and demands that Conan buy her a house.

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Jennifer Jones
Loved this!
Just like you helped her find a new car....
Monica Hernandez
“That’s for real guests” 😂
She's adorable, love them on the podcast!
Deanna W
She's fun
Kenny Johnson
When did Sona get married? :(
Diego José Abad
This may have been the most refreshing guest in awhile. Loved this!!!
Sona, if you want a house you have to move out of LA.
Did you see the car he bought her?...I'm not sure I'd want Conan buying me a house lol...
mc name
Sona is the best part of Conan now
Bjmw Kids
She a better guest then a lot of Conan famous guess! #BuyHeraHouse
Armand Q.
2,439,367 views already. That's 3 - 4 times what a regular guest star gets. Amazing. They really did a great job improvising a show.
Jia L.
I feel like Conan should have more sessions of these where he and his friends just get together and talk like... real friends. Everyone is all relaxed and it just feels nice and wholesome.
Emily Chen
lmfaooo I love Sona but wouldn't it be great if they got Jordan too
Knight of Cydonia
This is so amazing - they are like siblings!
Don Surlylyte
good advice sona, get out of LA asap
Don Surlylyte
"my hair's all crunnnchy"
Josh Lingo
Sona is a babe
Christine Canzano
I love Sona so much!!!
Jime Matthies
I think im dysfunctional, cause i want to work for conan!
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Don Rickles SAVAGE Moments |\| Conan Interviews His Assistant Sona 2 days ago   19:43

Don Rickles SAVAGE Moments |\|
Don Rickles SAVAGE Moments |\|
Don Rickles SAVAGE Moments |\|
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