Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez DESTROYS Sean Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Trolls GOP With 5 months ago   09:15

The Damage Report
AOC is making conservatives pull their hair out. John Iadarola breaks it down on The Damage Report. Watch The Damage Report on YouTubeTV NOW:

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bob tompkins
You should just call this The DESTROYS Report, since you seem to have no other verbs available.
Bob Deen
So, this is where liberal socialist communist hang out. What a cess pool. I need a shower
Haweya Abdillahi Adhan
Fox and mainstream media have made Americans more stupid than hollywood
Sandy J Renfroe
I read something that indicated that the 70% tax thing affects 1,800 people. Not that many people make that much. The people it would affect are the ones who hide their money in the Cayman Islands, they write off what taxes they can't avoid. They never have to worry about bills, they make more money than 99.995% of the rest of the human race.

AOC is a rock star. She is one of the most effective members of Congress that has ever held office. She is my hero. ❤💖💗💕💞
Rose Wallace
It will affect the average American.... it will make their lives better... maybe able to afford single payer system. maybe reduce the need for crippling dept for our young scholars . Maybe afford investment in our infrastructure... improvements without the need to sell all our roads to private companies looking to fleece us for driving to see our mothers... all these little things and much MUCH more!
Jack Jones
they can't help but lie.
WE should start taxing homeless people for using our public streets and properties and if they do not have money , take them to labor camps !!!
James Vickers
Fox propaganda network
w. scott Hamilton
A British reject has no idea what he is talking about.Taxing the most wealthy at 70% was about right in the USA taxing back in the 50's.And Americans were far better off then than they are today.
Mark Wahl
You can thank the social media age you live in for being able to be a completely brain damaged individual and get paid for it.
No" you fucking people and your "Brain damage report" subscribers can house and feed all the God Dammed taco benders flooding into this country. They should Norplant those Cockroaches with the Billions we send down there in aid! Mexico alone owes us Three,yes I said 3 Trillion Dollars! That we will never see again. Why don't some of you people GO DOWN TO THE TRIANGLE instead of stopping at only Cancun! I Hate FUCKING Libtards!
William Saunders
Mother fucken hannity what a flake this clown has his imbecilistic face so far up trumps ass hole he cant think right. The idiot keeps stumbling lolmf . .AOC go ahead mami keep schooling these magats fucktrump2020
I remember my father telling me there was a time when the wealthy paid 50% tax. This seems more than fair for both sides. Just more recently a client of mine told me he remembers when taxes were 70% on the rich.
Paying hardly any taxes these days, or no taxes (Amazon) , the rich are getting richer off of US and for the most part not giving a damn thing back.
Carol Davis
Sean Hannity is a little lying prick.
Arturo RoblesGiveit2me
Sean "The Ham" Hannity is a suck ass idiot. He and Lou "Eat Shit" Dobbs give each other blow jobs and take golden showers together.
Ed Speece
The President does not collect any salary.
Ed Speece
The rich folks and business will just leave the country.
John Winheim
Fox News, Hannity, dishonest, no surprise there! They're all about lies. Never watch Fake News, they've been liars for decades.
Old MetalHead
Rich people are filthy and greedy. Now that they have Hannity and Fox on their side they are now vulgar.
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Trolls GOP With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez DESTROYS Sean 5 months ago   09:59

The New York Times reports former Vice President Joe Biden is nearing a decision about whether to challenge Trump in 2020, as Senator Elizabeth Warren, the only official Democratic 2020 candidate, makes four stops in Iowa. Plus, a video posted by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on her first day in office, has more than 19 million views as she tells “60 Minutes” that only “radicals” have “changed this country”.
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