Morning Affirmations for Financial Abundance Abraham Hicks: Financial Well 5 months ago   14:03

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For the new year I thought an updated and improved version of abundance affirmations would be fitting. These affirmations for abundance are not just for financial wealth, but also for prosperity in all aspects of a truly rich life: rich in health, relationships, positive support, wise decision-making, and in choosing well how to spend the most valuable gift of all: time.
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Comments 39 Comments

Jasmine H
This works! For anyone who may be hesitant to try. It’s opened up plenty of unexpected doors and abundance has poured into my life in ways it never has before.
Making this comment to mark day 1 of these affirmations. Your work is wonderful thank you:)
Monique-Rene Coates
Wonderful to listen to, Thank You!
Tanya Olckers
Thank you. I am adding this to my affirmations.
Cristina Lamonte
Will it work without headphones?
Alleya B
I have been listening to this for months now and It works! So grateful. Thank you
Jesus Martinez
Very good
Thank you...I will incorporate this affirmation into my financial abundance goals!!!
I love your videos and your voice 😍
Morgana Watson
I have been liatening to this regularly for approx 2 weeks. I am reaping the benefits personally and financially. This is amazing!
Suchita Kanwar
TY for all your morning n evening affirmations. :-)
Todd Toure
Good morning and Thank you.
Sky Watcher
Thank you. This affirmation guide feels wonderful. Peace, happiness and prosperity to you
Jon Wiltshire
Thanks I really like this x
aly mach
hi... you have a perfect voice for it.. I love the affirmation too .
Esperanza Cevallos
Thank you for this meditation.
Laura Belmonte
What a beautiful meditation and you have the perfect voice for it. The advertisement at the end was quite jarring.
Ruby Roo
These affirmation recordings are fantastic. Thanks so much xx
Mercedi Surface
I have been doing these morning and evening, and I love the affirmations. However, I am in the US and am curious if the currency images shown will have the desired effect on my subconscious since they are not the bills, checks and coins I am used to seeing as "money"?
fiza fiza
really nice..Thank you
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Abraham Hicks: Financial Well Morning Affirmations for Financial Abundance 5 months ago   15:01

"Abraham is not a singular consciousness as you feel that you are in your physical bodies. Abraham is a Collective Consciousness. There is a Non-Physical Stream of Consciousness, and as one of you asks a question, there are many, many points of consciousness that are funneling through what feels to be the one perspective (because there is in this case, one human, Esther, who is interpreting or articulating it), so it appears singular to you. We are multidimensional and multifaceted and certainly multi-consciousness."

~ Abraham Hicks

(Ask and It Is Given by Esther & Jerry Hicks p. xxvi)

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