Council Day #1 Round Up: Friday 2 November The surprising thing I learned sailing 1 day ago   01:06

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Maxence Collin
Why you retain the RS X ?? 😡😡😡
You keep the boring RSX and you don't introduce amazing windfoil ? But introduce kite foil ? What are you waiting seriously ?
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The surprising thing I learned sailing Council Day #1 Round Up: Friday 2 November 1 day ago   16:48

What do you learn when you sail around the world on your own? When solo sailor Ellen MacArthur circled the globe – carrying everything she needed with her – she came back with new insight into the way the world works, as a place of interlocking cycles and finite resources, where the decisions we make today affect what's left for tomorrow. She proposes a bold new way to see the world's economic systems: not as linear, but as circular, where everything comes around.

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