MARSHMELLO'S SAD ORIGIN STORY (A Fortnite Peely meets Ember & CHEATS 2 days ago   10:17

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It's a tough life for Marshmello. Everyone at school always bullies him for looking different. And Marshmello can't even talk back to defend himself! His only friend seems to be one of the cafeteria workers.

After a another long day of being bullied, Marshmello heads home and jams out. One of his classmates hears from outside the house. The next day she tells everyone how cool Marshmello actually is. Now everyone is a big fan!

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killer night Hendricks
This is alone
benja XD
Yo opino que mashmello se hace la vistíma
Luly Chapa
Esta muy bueno pero pobre como lo mal tratan
Christian Daniels
This is the first episode I watched
Я ща заплачу аааааа
Vanessa Turner
Gustavo FF
Entendi tudo

What!! Why did he not take the car:-\???
والله انه راعع جداا 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Rodolfo Gallardo
Why did the girl did the L sign
Nate Ortiz
Huge fan
Rodolfo Gallardo
U like that song
juan oviedo
es una mierda tu puta historia
Colin Dorin
Why why marshmallow not like light show of transferred not marsh!!!!!!!
Kids got Talent!
All i gotta say is..... YEET
Drn Rsn
Il Chitte
Nicolas Borges dos santos
rose smith
I fell sorry for marshmallow
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Peely meets Ember & CHEATS MARSHMELLO'S SAD ORIGIN STORY (A Fortnite 2 days ago   11:52

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In today's video, Peely meets Ember and falls in love, CHEATING on his girlfriend! Will she find out?
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Peely meets Ember & CHEATS on his GIRLFRIEND! | Peely Short Film (Season 8) - Thanks for Watching!

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