Tucker vs. Bill Nye the Science Guy Bill Nye Fact-Checks His Weirdest Memes 4 months ago   09:23

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Bill Nye has argued that climate change deniers suffer psychological delusions. Tucker takes him on in an unforgettable debate #Tucker

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Its not precise, we have messed it up so badly that we are off the predictable path. This is a bad twist of words. He's trying to answer, if you let him. The projection is funny, talking over him while accusing him of the same.
You guys seriously need to stop pretending that Nye was deflecting Tucker's questions, because they were totally unreasonable. There is no such thing as "the rate at which climate change is happening," because "the rate at which climate change is happening" is not an actual scientific statistic. Scientists don't just have a general numbers that they throw out there so idiots can understand the climate crisis, they have specific figures for specific phenomena. They could tell you the rate and % increase of CO2 emissions over certain periods of time, they could tell you the mean increase in sea levels over the past century, or they could tell you temperature averages in specific geographic reasons, but they won't tell you the "rate at which climate change is happening," because such a figure is very vaguely defined and could mean literally anything. So don't expect Bill to be armed and loaded with imaginary statistics that exist in the minds of scientifically illiterate dipshits like Carlson.
The climate would be like it was in the 1750? with out man? he is an idiot..
"During the period 1645–1715, in the middle of the Little Ice Age, ..."
so there was a mini ice age... well, the planet has been warming since then... scientist say they still don't know why the earth is cyclical with climate, but this nut thinks science is settled? it is never settled, no real scientist would say such a stupid thing. He needs psych help.
I thought the point of an interview was to ask questions and get answers, not to talk over the guest with your own ramblings. Tucker Carlson is terrible at his job.
J Pitman
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Janis Eagle
Nye is in denial of his own intelligence as I can't see he actually has any
J Pitman
Lol Billy DeNye not really a science guy
If climate change is such a big deal then how can we stop it? Which we can’t
J Pitman
Hey Billy Nye please explain the grand solar minimum.
Green Psycho
Yeesh tucker cnt shut his mouth for one second
J Pitman
Try asking a science guy not a kids TV personality
what a shitshow, dreadful performance on both of their parts. Tucker asking misleading loaded questions and then Bill responding with irrelevant trivia instead of admitting that those questions don't have a good answer.
Tucker: what percentage of human activity harming the climate?

Bill Nye: One ...

Tucker: WAIT WAIT WAIT !!!!
Sandy Gregory
I have not reached a final conclusion on the issue of climate change, but I am certain that Al Gore has admitted that he lied to gin up support for the idea and that the co-founder and past president of Greenpeace says that what is happening is simply a continuation of the warming that has been going on for the last 300 years.
Tucker... you are the reason that humanity is headed towards self destruction.
Not a Turnip
I do love how the world is ending and people are calling it a 'natural process'
Move inland, morons.
Stefan L
Billy Bob Nye the not so science guy. Let's all revisit this 10 years from now and see how smart Billy Bob Nye the psuedo science guy really is. In this video he tells us that the earth is warming and the ocean is rising. Let's just all see if the ocean has risen and the coastline has moved inward as he and his loony toon Fangirl in congress AOC, swears it will. My money says it won't be. Thirty tears ago as a teenager I watched PBS. On PBS, there were these so called scientist who were pushing this same agenda way back then. They even had maps showing where the new coast line would be. According to their maps, where I live now would be ocean front property in 20 years. Well, it's been 30 years and I still don't have my promised Ocean front property! Instead the ocean is still about 200 miles away and hasn't moved a bit. So, Billy Bob Nye, the psudeo science guy, When am I going to get the ocean front property, your friends promised me 30 years ago? I'm still waiting! Please hurry it up will you. I'm getting old and not gonna live forever.

 This is BS pure and simple. All of this is based on models. The earths climate is a very complex system and the models that have been used to simulate it are way too simplistic and don't take into account all the potential variables, some of which are probably even completely unknown at this time, let alone well understood. Anybody, who tells you that these models are definitive and can tell us with any certainty what the climate will do in 10, 20, or 30 years is basically full of crap and doesn't even understand the most basic rules of science.
Chuck Rannacher
...Bill Nye has resurrected a dead 'career' on false evidence. The climate change hoax, the wealth redistribution scam, will continue in America while the rest of the world laughs it off.....
The science is settled. 🙄
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Bill Nye Fact-Checks His Weirdest Memes Tucker vs. Bill Nye the Science Guy 4 months ago   03:10

Ordained by the Meme Council, Bill Nye has become a permanent fixture in the meme economy after one creator, Bill Nye Tho, reimagined a stoner persona for Nye. Because we care about real news, not fake, we asked Bill to fact-check the veracity of this popular account’s claims. In doing so, he not only had an answer about the cost of getting him to attend your party, but he also brought up a great reason why the Macy’s parade needs to be downsized, pronto.