Some of my other charity shop Will these small engine 5 months ago   07:46

Some of my other charity shop find helicopters Part 4. Going through some of my old charity shop finds because I was trying to find a matching transmitter for my latest Silverlit helicopter. This one is the Syma Fairy Alertgree Helicopter #609 and I changed the battery but it didn't fly as well as it did when I first bought it and even then it was rubbish so it may be the new battery I fitted didn't have the capacity to give it the power it needed.

Syma Fairy Alertgree Helicopter #609

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I think you oughta try your hand at a rubber powered helicopter like this one:
I think you’d have good success getting something like that to fly.
Romin van der Meiden
I also still have my old 2 channel Silverlit Picooz.
Had tons of fun with it. :))

I'll keep one to hang from the ceiling, the others i will take apart for parts. :))
RC Dre
great little find there buddy :)
Mr Rishi The Cookie
Is it possible that this new battery has messed with the balance of the helicopter leading to it having terrible control.
I had one of these cheapo copters when i was a kid, and they flew very well. I remember needing to add a small weight to the tail to stop making it fly forward as fast. It was much more manageable then.
Chandler Justice
Great vidoes 😬😬😬😬
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Will these small engine Some of my other charity shop 5 months ago   07:15

The smallest engine in the world.
COX .010 Engine Assembly & Working Video.