Burrito Kitty Somalia : Where Can You Find Pirates 2 months ago   01:43

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This one is so cute it's sickening.
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Sung by Ms Cammy D
Animated by Kreid
Directed by Weebl
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The singer is Weebl's real voice.
Lil K
Some One in my school sangthis
Lokatar Fazcka
the brittish accent kinda ruins it
Mini Roi
The British singer adds a good touch to the song for some reason :p
Leon Oxygen
Cartoonshipper 9500
I knew cats would take over the world...
electrowolf 525
I feel like this has a dirty side
Cloclo 101
I was expecting something dark to happen like someone eating the burrito cat but okay this is fine
dear weebl please give me a shout out because this was my idea
HD Random Stuff
I watch this when I'm bored
DrainbowTheDragon 121
I had a dream about this
I can't stop watching this LOL
Nyan Cat 2: The Fartening
Rio The Sneaky Chiwawa
It's sounds like Peter frown horrid Henry like if u agree
theheartpuppetbaled oficial channel
So cute cat burrito
*You could say that it is a purrito ;3*

*_Если не понимаешь что я написал,и ты русский ставь👍🖤_*
Bendy Smith Josephine Bill
Cats are adorable
Maxi Gould
So Cute!
Wess Coates
So, if burrito kitty becomes happy, does he reach his second stage... Purrito kitty?
orbdoesstuff official
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Somalia : Where Can You Find Pirates Burrito Kitty 2 months ago   02:20

Where can you find pirates? Somalia.
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