The Coolest Houses In The World The Fairytale Tiny House Shaped 5 months ago   09:44

Millions of houses exist in the world, yet only a small fraction of those are anything special. And whilst it's easy to simply throw money at a property, you'll be surprised to see that the most expensive places aren't always the most amazing and awe-inspiring.

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Wow_a_Subscriber dudu
Where is John Wicks house? It would clearly be the number 1 on this list if it was included!
D Fifield
when will these britts learn to speak english , they make gutteral sounds that are similar to english words!!
Bubba Dude
I couldn't help but notice you have The Flintstones but not the Jetsons house on here
Batman 2018
Send hate to the Chinese Communist Party

Gail Jenkins
Phillip Gathright
Very interesting collection, but while I enjoyed the tours, I don't know if there would be many I'd actually want to live in.
scott chegg
i like number 13
Czyren Lee
ha! glass house , hope that house dose not get robbed cause will be a good target lol
10 years from now they will be tearing down all those shipping container homes and saying "what the fuck were we thinking"?
Imagine if ur fucking in the glass house
Anna Jacinta
May Wilson
I really liked the flint stone house and waterfall
No igloo = clickbait.
JK Saucywiggle
Flintstones without question
blobfish sandwich
what song is this
Evanna Allen
THE SHELL HOUSE !! FOR SURE !)) 10o0000% !!!!!
John David
What about the flying saucer home on Signal mountain in Chattanooga Tennessee?
Ana Chilin
LOVE the rock house😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Shristy Blair
#6 ♡ #5 & #3
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The Fairytale Tiny House Shaped The Coolest Houses In The World 5 months ago   21:21

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. That's how the story goes, but this tiny house is no fairytale. Constructed from ferrocement, this spectacular home has been crafted as a whimsical yet functional retreat space which is shaped like a boot.

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The home is constructed as part of Jester House, a cafe and gardens which is located near Motueka, New Zealand. There, the owners have transformed 5 aces of land into a retreat filled with beautiful gardens and creative tiny homes.

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Next to the boot, they have also constructed a natural small home out of light earth, and another experimental building which was constructed for only $1,000.

Jester House:

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