Weston Mill Dam Removal The Great Digout February 2015 2 days ago   11:26

A video summary of the August 2017 removal of the Weston Mill Dam on the Millstone River, Somerset County, New Jersey

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Anthony Walmsley
Great work captivating to watch. UK
keoni hawelu
I’m wondering why none of the equipment that’s inside the water had a spill prevention kits on them. And I don’t seem to see any sediment retention ponds or anyway to separate the concrete sediment into the following creek I thought the whole point of this project was to restore the natural habitat
Michael Carolina
Does these spillways not help with flooding situations? Or is that different from a watershed flood control dam?
Jeanette Marie
That was pretty awesome! I have a good friend who lives in Maple Shade, NJ, I need to visit him and tour parts of your state and maybe Delaware and go to see the city of Philadelphia too! I'm wayyyy over here in CA. I need to see more of the East Coast, and visit my brother down in North Carolina, in the Fall when the weather is much nicer! Thank you for sharing! 😁💖
What’s the deal w all the whooping and hollering?
mike o
Good job! Now how about the remaining 2361 dams? ;)
Ben Kempa
That poor hammer getting abused
Epsensieg 18
Americans cheer the most trivial crap.
chru cas
Simply fantastic! My deep respect, very well done. Thanks a lot for making taping editing uploading and sharing.
Best of luck and health to all involved people.
Best regards.
Tim Traver
Excellent filming!
Mountain Man3
Tony Romano
Wow a ration use of tax dollars!
Edd Jordan
great job. nice to see humans being good to nature.
ben couch
good job
Razaah Omerta
Wow i know its old concrete and its not in good shape but im impressed by that hammer at the start just chopping through it like that.
If your cheering each time the bucket pulls out a chunk of stone...you need to reevaluate your life...
They had rebar in 1834? I don't think so.
Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch
I need my impoundment dewatered.
esquad 540
Thing is. The boil of a low head dam ad's a ton of O2 to the water way.
Thumbs up for the skill of the excavator operator .. :)
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The Great Digout February 2015 Weston Mill Dam Removal 2 days ago   11:39

Another Blizzard hits PEI and it takes 3 days to dig out from under the
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