The Resurrection of r/CursedImages - Tales From The Worst NASCAR Race Ever: 2 days ago   15:48

After the cursed images tumblr and the cursed images Twitter, r/cursedimages became reddit's top destination for all cursed images. But what is a cursed image? Confusion and debate over this topic, especially among newer users as the subreddit grew more popular, drove r/cursedimages into an existential crisis that affects many niche subreddits that get very large. Heavier moderation was needed to save the sub.

However, absentee moderators made it very difficult for users to pull the place back together despite the community's efforts. Would the community be able to get r/cursedimages back on track?

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Take a shot every time he said cursed?
Mortus Evil
0:07 I'm not sure about that, the huge subreddits with power tripping mods are kinda bad.
Gallowboob, N8theGr8, Awkwardtheturtle, etc. they suck.
Steven Andreyechen
Your lighting set up makes your eyes look like those of the replicants from blade runner, very cool.
Carl Hartwell
2:06 Oh Shit! I'd tried so hard to forget!
So, normies ruin everything fun. Neat
DragonFly Turner
Dionne Farris, are you making another video?
Jamie White
bruh those eyes. is that cataracts surgery or Laysik
Colossal Prick
Ay........ay bro.....look like a vampire bro
*Fun Fact!*  The Negro has the Smallest Brain Mass of all Races!
Val Sulcano
why are yuo yellow
Cody H
Do you get cards in the mail on the 5th of November? Your facial hair is a work of art.
James Jenkins
That pony is definitely cursed!
Rich Evans continues to get embarrassed by that photo
hahhahahaha rich evans as always, as always
i started noticing the creepy reflection of your lights inside of your pupils. cant stop looking at it now
I want you to Whang me in my Wang hole
unrelated, but R.I.P
r/enoughinternet, you shall be missed
Michael Aviles
in the poll that he set up how can there 92% yes and 7% no
Voivoda Dracula
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The Worst NASCAR Race Ever: The Resurrection of r/CursedImages - Tales From 2 days ago   22:16

The first race ever at Talladega Super Speedway had more than its fair share of problems, most of which happened off the track. Held in mid-September in the midst of a full-blown tire war, a new driver's union starting up, and a track owner who wouldn't back down, the first Talladega 500 was the worst race in NASCAR history. And to top it all off, we don't even know for sure who won the darned thing.