The Resurrection of r/CursedImages - Tales From The REAL Story Behind The Miami 1 day ago   15:48

After the cursed images tumblr and the cursed images Twitter, r/cursedimages became reddit's top destination for all cursed images. But what is a cursed image? Confusion and debate over this topic, especially among newer users as the subreddit grew more popular, drove r/cursedimages into an existential crisis that affects many niche subreddits that get very large. Heavier moderation was needed to save the sub.

However, absentee moderators made it very difficult for users to pull the place back together despite the community's efforts. Would the community be able to get r/cursedimages back on track?

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Azn Mike
this video is r/cursed r/curse r/r/r/u/r/ r/RETARDED
rich evans!
Hoosier Hell
I would ask you to explore the depths of iFunny, but I don’t want to drag another soul into the damned confines
Bruh looks like a Simpson character
I checked Reddit and it’s bad again
Blaine's Wasteland
My man Whang with the Final Fantasy VI music. You are a fucking real one.
I just clicked, because I saw a picture of Rich Evans arm in front of the Showbiz Pizza Bear in the thumbnail.

I have no idea what this dood was talking about.
You remind me of one of the three musketeers with the hair and facial hair lol
Dead Parroting
9:00 - okay, at this point I didn't give s**t one about this. I'm sure there are those who do, but there is no resonance in this for me.
Please unstuck that piece of hair from the moustache, it's making me nervous
L00PdeL00P's Channel
Cursed sweater was pretty gud
Reddit sucks it's not surprising
Goat Boi
the cursed image aesthetic cant be defined. Its a feeling that the images have to inflict. It could be the lighting, the odd subject manner, or just a slightly off look. A cursed image can not be made with the goal of making a cursed image. It inflicts a certain primal feeling of anxiousness
lewis trombly
one of the images you showed was used on a video from REDLETTERMEDIA.They said it was a birthday picture of rich Evans when he was a little kid,and gave him a adult size shirt of the one he ,or whoever was wearing in the picture.
Legitimate Girth
Love the chrono trigger music
dude b
A cursed image is something that is in the uncanny valley
That fucking guy waving with the elmo suit is nightmare fuel
Savannah Wiseman
Just discovered your channel yesterday and I'm blown away by the quality and effort put into your videos! There's clearly a lot of research done and I can tell you're passionate. Keep killing it Whang!
Shemesh Navon
I bet you have soemthing on webtv
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The REAL Story Behind The Miami The Resurrection of r/CursedImages - Tales From 1 day ago   15:11

In 2012 a homeless guy was attacked by rampaging man who was displaying what many seem to have think were zombie like symptoms. The media claimed the attack was a result of the man ingesting bath salts. So was it a zombie, or some experimental new drug, or something else?...let's get the real story.

Ronald Poppo's face (WARNING NSFL)



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