Economic Growth explained (explainity® How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio 2 months ago   02:40

The economy is expected to grow steadily. Politics, industry and trade wish for economic growth. But how can economic growth be measured and might the economy eventually fully grown sometime? Our third clip in cooperation with Deutsche Welle explains "Economic Growth".

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Lester Alford
This is bullshit.
Alex G. Leon
Excellent video. I suggest you also read this post that I think is very relevant when we talk about this topic. Productivity and economic growth: How are they related and how do they differ?
Vaishali Rajpoot
Explanation is good👩
Aizada Kydyrbekova
Hello. I would like to know how such kinds if videos are made? I like the content as well.
ayush gupta
Nice video
Светлана Ходаковская
I agree that the development of technologies will lead not to unemployment, but to the increase of education and professionalism of people. The fact that the population of the Earth is waiting for us is a fact. For me it's so, rather good than bad.
Екатерина Александровна
The quality of people's lives depends on the economic well-being of the country. Economic development growth affects all areas of human activities science, culture, education and much more.
Леся Евменова
Cognitive and interesting video. I believe that the economy will grow and grow more and more, especially in large countries. If all industries support, everything will be fine. This is especially true of political activities. After all, it is politicians who decide if they can correctly set their own tasks and calculate all the options, then the economy will go up rapidly!
Anyone who thinks economical progress is not as important would probably regret what they said having realized without an economical system they would be hunting in the forest, without any medical aid, without any proper conditions of living. They would simply be babarians. If we continue to focus on economy growth, we would see a increase in the developments of researches in industries which would benefit everyone considering the fact that currently, we cannot afford to focus on the environment without a top economy with people starving. When we achieve a proper economy for all, that is when we would have the proper funds to focus on the researches to conserve our environment and have a significant impact in our efforts to conserve it, currently, the efforts to conserve it no matter how focused we are, is not beneficial and significant enough.
The mantra of growth, growth, growth is exactly what's wrong with the economy, but few are able to grasp why. Business as usual measures economic progress in terms of pollution and the relentless destruction of nature. This is a much smarter plan:
So many people, especially economic "experts," thinking that economic growth is an indicator of prosperity or well being is a very feeble and unfulfilling way of seeing the world. and a cause of much unhappiness for those who buy into it.
vivek nautiyal
only starting is gud
Marco T. Zahn
So we must be more like Bhutan? Really?
Rafael Patrick Pecjo
I would like to know the app you used to make this presentation? Thanks!
Maximus Minimus
This is a completely bullshit neo-Marxist of explanation of "economic growth". Don't waste your time.
Doug Bekker
High Unemployment is created by technology. High unemployment is created by the economic system that has only borrowed in it. High unemployment is created by a lack new product and improved products. High unemployment is created by the decrease in the percentage of children being born every year in the total population. High unemployment is created by the increase in the percentage of people that die every year. High unemployment is creating high unemployment. High unemployment is created when core inflation (money borrowed in the economic system) is reduced.
The biggest problems of having high unemployment in the world is people kill each other for money, create wars to sell weapons, and become aggravated because they have no money.
Having only borrowed money in the economic systems is stupid. There are many way to distribute money that has never been borrowed. Subsidize the wages of people by giving them money that has never been borrowed. One person works make that product in forty hour. If two people work twenty hour to produce that product there would be no unemployed people. Core inflation would not exist creating more problems. By subsidizing each person the wages for the twenty hours they didn’t work core inflation continued to increases and there are more jobs and business created by the money that was never borrowed.
Job sharing caused by new or better technology will increase the wealth of the world.
What is the best percentage of unemployed people to have in a country when all employed people wages are subsidized to the forty hour work week?
Shakir Balti
Maureen O’Connell
Loved the concept in the video. Very well created. Great job.
Marci-Lee Cowles
Thank you I enjoyed that!
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