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Harry Partridge
An educational documentary about lesbians.

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Steven Green
The hit new comedy that will never be. :P
Michelle Williams
Speaks how there should be no discrimstion in the lesbain community and then refuses to bang the girls that looks like guys.😂
he/him lesbians be like
Soviet Warrior
This is gold to this day still, if it was made today you would be called a transphobic/homophobic bigoty
wait a second.... I dont think.... hes a real lesbian... after all these years. I feel so lied to
Self Sufficient
The first half has already come true, which is not so cool. I am however looking very forward to when the second half comes true.
Brbh Prbh
The cotton ceiling in a nutshell
I’m confused
Aaron Raynor
I'm confused
This was too progressive for its time, had this been uploaded today HARRY PARTRIDGE MIGHTA BEEN SHOT FOR MAKING THIS but it's alright because we're progressive enough not to.
This is as relevant today as it was 8 years ago
Aaa Aaa
Found it.
Remember when the comment section was full of people laughing at how funny this is, instead of how prophetic it had became?
IDerp_ 20
What the fuck. Why did my friend send me this
Happy pride month everyone
mau5vana nijikata
I remember seeing this around the time it came out and kinda figured it was taking the piss on creepy ass men who'd go out of their way to hit on lesbians.
Now this is all I think about when someone says they're a "he/him lesbian."
Please end my shit.
Candalf the Waxy
A Classic
Oscar OV
Now this is equality.
Bradly Grissom
Thats steph-en
Banana Beaner
We’re running out of content
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