FATHER SON ULTIMATE TRAMPOLINE IN BEDROOM! Lego City Coast Guard 2 days ago   10:15

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This was a fun day! After surprising Ryden with the box fort I got the idea to do this! A trampoline in his bedroom! I hope you guys enjoyed hanging out with us. I do videos all the time so see you guys tomorrow!

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Alexxis Lynch
I whost to have one in my house when I was 4 years old my cousin's whost to come at my house and jump trampoline.
Alexxis Lynch
That's today
DJ Spring
Hey ANDY!! You liked my skate post yesterday and I can’t thank you enough for it. Means a lot you are one of my idols please keep it up I love what you are doing
Evan Lopez
Nice video
Holly del rio
Do more ninja stuff
Laurie Lausmann
Make a adventure please or a bike tricks with your son
ashlyn nummilien
I love dog man book's
Kim M.
Can you do more bottle flipping videos like if yo agree
Kate McCann
I’m not a big fan I subscribed to your channel I give you a big fan is up I love you so much and I love tall bottle time
Shelly Gentry
Chanda Owen
Ccxxx. X
beyblade logan
Bumble bee
How many boxes you guys
Good vid
Waleed Ibrahim
he jas did a frontflip
Maverick Versus Everything
You're giving me ideas of the bouncy variety. Cool to see other dad/son combos killin' it!
Abraham Caldera
hey Andy did you know that reds is going aginst marlins
Jameson Ellis
Do more www videos
I sprained my foot at 6 years old jumping on one
Frank Kolondra
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Lego City Coast Guard FATHER SON ULTIMATE TRAMPOLINE IN BEDROOM! 2 days ago   17:02

On this episode of The Axel Show Lego City, Axel and his daddy are doing a Lego time lapse build and skit with some cool Lego Sets! They use the lego Coast Guard Boat to do a rescue mission with a Pokemon and Moana set. We love building with Lego and our imaginations!

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