R1H3 Japanese Car Tournament | Hot Wheels Hot Wheels fat track world battle 1 day ago   05:37

Japanese Car Tournament
3DBotMaker Diecast Racing League

Round 1 Heat 3

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#HotWheels #DiecastRacing #JDM

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mikes stuff
My pick lost :(
Cyber Shark
Looking back, Bill Gould never won a race through speed, he won it with his beautiful passes and tactics, he himself proved speed isn't necessary as he won the tournament, Bill Gould winning the Real Gold
re:josh crdnz
How do you join?
Arcade XD
Can’t believe tirna wati Literally wanted to knock off that FD though -_-
Denny’s Channel
how to participation on the 3dbotrace ?
Zain Eddine
Congrats to the winner and my pick, Junior Ranklin gets in the SF ROUND.
How do you pick the drivers for the race
Love your channel very good videos
Paul Kasson
That turbo kick in just in time
skorpio Love smith
Billllll gold!
skorpio Love smith
Diecast goodness!
League of Speed
Best race yet....Keep'em coming!!!
Lost Legion Racing
another great race!
Blackburn Family Racing
I was nervous Josh Baxley! You did just enough!
Havoc2k17 Productions
Great job on the video and the races. Love the track and how unpredictable the results have been so far.
Boon Yew
Wow the racing track is nice👍! Your might hard work on them!
Hottest Wheels
Very intresting race. Loved the creativity
AB Thunder G
MAN! I am HYPED for my first ever race! I wonder how it going to turn out.
Amirul Zubir
Best series so far
Paul Kaller
What a race!
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Hot Wheels fat track world battle R1H3 Japanese Car Tournament | Hot Wheels 1 day ago   13:40

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