Rachel Maddow Wants Democrats Trump's 2016 Victory? Samuel 1 day ago   07:10

Late Night with Seth Meyers
Rachel Maddow shares why she thinks Democrats should put nation over party when deciding if they should impeach Trump and discusses Missouri’s attempt to close the state’s last legal abortion clinic.
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Rachel Maddow Wants Democrats to Stop Overthinking Trump’s Impeachment- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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James Bell
The only thing that America has learned from Rachel Maddow is that she is a pathological liar who has no idea what she's talking about, and, she's an angry, resentful, hostile homosexual who hates the truth. She's sickening, and so are the morons who are mesmerized by her everyday. Perverts.
SmileyD Crosby
Thank you Rachel!
Thank you Seth and the network! 😊
Emilia Ronquillo
With the spineless republicans in the senate that don't want to stand against trump, lest they lose their power, it would be really hard to even have the votes necessary to move past impeachment procedures. The next step would be trial and you KNOW they would aquit! The impeachment procedures are NOT AN ACTUAL CRIMINAL PROCEEDING. Nancy wants to wait till he's voted out of office so he would be just an ordinary citizen and THEN CONVICT HIS ASS. I get her vision but I also think that guy DESERVES to have that impeachment stain
30 Century Man
I think "Disturbing"sums up the U.S.A right now.
The reason why their so split on what to do is 100% percent of Republicans are going to defend the president whether they believe that he's guilty of wrong doing or not. This is certainly the most corrupt congress I've seen in my lifetime. It blows my mind that they are willing to support someone who is completely unfit to be president as well as anmoral narcissist who is willing to throw the constitution out the window as long as it's beneficial to him. This is the guy who boosts dictators as good guys and our allies as basically the bad guy. Not only that but he profits off the presidency with his business directly. And he lies cheats and breaks the law and everyone is giving him a pass as long as he has some strong supporters to keep members of his party in power.
๖Donnie๖ ๖Campbell๖
Richard Mad cow Wants Democrats to Stop Overthinking Trump’s Impeachment
Late Night with Seth Meyers Published on Jun 11, 2019
Both of these people should be ashamed of themselves, for being Morons
when it comes to there real reasons for wanting Trump out of the white house, and it's for everyone like them always the same thing, what has everyone running against him do, They are blood sucking, baby killing, adrenaline Junkies, of Adreanachrome. I promise that they have a satan fix on child trafficking or pedophilia. it's always the same for everyone in show business that hates Trump, They all want to go back to the status quo and that's Looking at children as sex objects, or gender changing, Murdering, Pedocrates.
There all child addicts. either sex or blood or both. I know how I sound, But the TRUTH isn't going to be a bittersweet moment for these people, The want Trump dead, and they have tried numerous times, because He knows who's in the swamp that is to be drained, This time next year over a 3d of congress will be in jail and most of helleywood also. there all just indoctrinated killers of children.
Grand Wonder
Message from Republicans: "We are all about the right of a fetus to mature and born, damn it! We don't care if that fetus comes to life as a result of your father raping you! We want that baby to be born! We'll take care of that baby problem that you will have when we deny you the means to support that baby when you apply for welfare, medical care, or housing! We would rather have that baby died as a fully formed human being rather than end its life as a little fetus! It says in the Bible: To kill a fetus is a capital offense worthy of the death penalty! But to kill a baby is the duty of the government and the Republican Party has an obligation to follow through with that order!"
Grand Wonder
Message from Trump supporters: "So Trump is a traitorous/racist crook! So what! He still has our support! After all, he's still racist!"
You're right Rachel. If they're doing it for the right reasons, people will know that. That's why people will know they're doing it for the wrong reasons.
Tee Jay
This 'debate' is one I don't understand. The wingers have been fed a steady stream of honoring our GREAT CONSTITUTION and being told our "Founding Fathers" walked on water. OK. Then back them in to a corner. If you walk the walk about the Constitution then here it is. I guess the downside is that the MAGA's and the God People don't have that kind of integrity. Clearly. But that doesn't mean you don't your job. The Democrats didn't create this situation. But it sure would be nice to see some freaking stones out of the Democrats.
Gazoink Jones
What a weiner
Bob Clark
I think rachael needs to stop over thinking.
Alexandra De Leon
I wish the ",Republicans" would disappear from the face of Earth why are they so f....ing evil and why they hate America so much?ohh it must be cause the girly name wtf
The political crass
every one seems to forget she was promoting as fact something for two years that turned out to be false. why would any one trust her?
Laura Barnes
Can't wait to see woman imprisoned for abortion!!!!!! It's about that time.
Joe Marwil
..but they are "impeachment mad socialists"...
From a woman that has lost all her views. She just wants them back. Impeachment will get him elected again
Larry Einstein
Rachel of the CIA Mocking Bird Media
Rachel reminds me of that Eleanor Roosvelt quote about Doing what you feel is right because in the end you wilkl be criticized anyway.
Alex Alexander
TRUMP 2020
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Trump's 2016 Victory? Samuel Rachel Maddow Wants Democrats 1 day ago   11:19

'Shaft' star Samuel L. Jackson doesn't need a crystal ball to predict the outcome of upcoming presidential elections. #LSSC #Colbert #SamuelLJackson

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