Port Harcourt/ Lagos, Nigeria Infrastructure Improvements at Port Harcourt 1 day ago   08:22

1.5 years in Port Harcourt!

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Baker !!!!
nice 1 n good song
u have just given me an idea
PH does not look like an oil producing city. It looks dirty and messed up. Where are all the oil monies? People of Rivers should hold their former governors accountable. They sure are looting the 13% derivation money. The governors should come to the U.S and see Houston, Texas and bury their heads in shame. Incompetent fools!
i think its best to change the title of the video then, because its very misleading.
Mariacristina Akele
is this P.H.? I beg.. it seems it's just oil workers with UST students at a club.. smog and pollution.. P.H. is not only this! do not spread it out.. it's not so.. shame on who put this video
Whats th name of this song and who is the singer??
Сергей Емельянов
The country of Oil $
Not complaining jp. Yes, I made the choice to come here. Fucking off with my pockets full of dollars and a smile on my face. Happily leaving Nigerians to stew in their own piss. And if I need to I'll come back and take some more of their money.
Fuck off to wherever u call home then. Please dont reply as i have no time for complainers. No one forced you to go to Lagos. That was your choice.
Leaving Lagos in 2 weeks. I will not miss Nigeria or Nigerians. But only my Expat friends. What a sh1thole.
Bon voyage! Always have some nairas in pocket for dashing...
Boyo lived in PH 2 yrs... only 4 weeks some "freedon" and going out, rest of it - lock-downs, and at the end kidnapping and evacuation... cannot say I miss it... but weirdly, I'd go back.
Man, I passed these roads like 1000's of times...
I also lived in port harcourt during the 80s....man i really really enjoyed being there...Those were the good times. It was a really safe and enjoyable place to be back then now its all ruined up by greedy kidnapping militants. Very Sad and nigeria is soo beautiful if you got the bucks...
nice video , i am going there soon.
obot umoh
sad to see port harcourt like that.i was born in that city,the music is good nice filming
yonella fredericks
nigeria,is truely a great place to admire,i someday would like visit....nice song,really felt it
Emmanuel Akintayo
Beautiful Composition...Thank you very much for posting...NAIJA FOR LIFE !!!!
NAIAJA 4 LYFE!!!!!!!!!!, I miss naija o.
The reply was meant for Abragus concerning the compound where the first minutes of the video was shot.All the same, the video's still a great one as it brings back memories and it made me more homesick.
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Infrastructure Improvements at Port Harcourt Port Harcourt/ Lagos, Nigeria 1 day ago   03:26

The Rivers State Government has committed itself to building a business destination of the future by improving infrastructure, empowering the people and pushing up investment drive. ABN's Michael Salako reports.