The EU's chief Brexit negotiator Brexit - James O'Brien destroys 2 days ago   1:29:11

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Sandra Winterton
The EU want our money and that is it! 🙄
TheMadScotsman mckay
There ya' go - PROOF that Article 50 is NOT BREXIT ........... Barnier just admitted that fact in this video when he held up the paperwork AND LET IT SLIP THAT IT' IS INDEED JUST A TREATY - NOT THE FUCKING BREXIT THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR .......... and THIS is why Treason May can't get her dodgy "Deal" through parliament ........ everyone now knows that what she has conceived behind the closed doors of Downing St and the E.U Parliament is designed to KEEP US TIED TO THE E.U ........ NOT leave the E.U
Total and utter fucking betrayal.
The Short Session Angler
As we have passed the agreed leave date and there is no majority for any kind of deal, the EU should bite the bullet realise they will lose our payments and tariffs and make us leave, if they are quick with a trade deal they can probably keep the levels of trade with the UK at current levels, if however they drag that process out then they will probably find they lose a lot of that also.
Repulse theMonkey
It would be so good if this bloke announced the UK has left the EU, and No Deal.
Johnny Concrete
No deal
No problem
john bayliss
Just let us go you Nazis
Howard Petterson
Negotiator... Pahh
Dictator more like
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Brexit - James O'Brien destroys The EU's chief Brexit negotiator 2 days ago   16:02

James O'Brien went with a hammer to the arch pro brexit leaders Jacob Reese-Mogg and Boris Johnson after their u-turn on the withdrawal agreement.

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