RC Car Racing - 2014 EFRA Large Street "Legal" Stock Car Body 4 months ago   32:48

RC Racing TV
All the Action from the Large Scale Touring Car championships from Vila Real in Portugal all in Glorious MultiCamera HD!
With Defending Champions Martin Bayer not in attendance we were guaranteed a new Champion, but who would reign supreme after the 30 minute final!

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CarWarz RC
awesome video guys, keep it up......
Aakarsh Naidu Girrem
It's better than Nascar ..LOL
Santiago Martinez
They should put camera inside and have a course that is a mile long. That would take some skill. Cuz then you would need to pit. For fuel and tires
twitpunyer akaun
How do they count for laps??? Damn that was quickk lap
Dino Larson
I would surely be etching stupendously complicated designs all over the infield grass. (is there a trophy for that??) Is there a tow truck? Maybe I could drive a tow truck....sit there with flashing lights...look important....
Dino Larson
It seems as though the wheels are turned well in advance of the curves....several tons of understeer....skidding? Maybe require heavier cars? Which would also slow them down for more realistic performance. Otherwise, marvelous! Amazing skill.
Wheres the in car cam?
those things are sexy!
mr. vain vice
Wonder are they using fpv goggles
mr. vain vice
Drone racing is better
Carnage Galassi
Why not mount a live feed video camera device in the RC car and have a device that captures the live feed video that the RC drivers can wear around they're heads . That way you have a better visual and can compete at you're best.
Hamlet telmaH
Covfefe mention @ 0:56, lol.
Yugo RC
this is awesome it's more enjoyable to watch then NASCAR
rugger digger
is there any big oval tracks like Talladega for these cars? I would like to see that if not because that would be cool going full speed as fast as I can go top speed all the way around no brakes
what is the cost per year for racing?
God i miss so much a game like re-volt in this days
Shane Huff
And ddddaaaaaaa thanks to mmmmooom for letting me take advantage of our basement and for paying for McDonald's but most important paying for my toy car!!
Schindlers fist
The Borrowers Touring cars finals
Lisa Coopshaw
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Street "Legal" Stock Car Body RC Car Racing - 2014 EFRA Large 4 months ago   26:04

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