SADHGURU: This SPEECH Will The Simplest Way to a Healthy Life | Sadhguru 2 days ago   09:42

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Reddy Sriram
Gunjan Shrivastav
Very nice. To see more videos, click the link given
Madhra AL
Samad Nassirnia
He is basically saying it is all about you. For people who have lived sensual animal like life this is appealing. Get used to it it is not about you nor me. If you die tomorrow few people will notice world ,life,will go on. It is all about him almighty merciful lord. And you matter to the extend you identify with him. Like moses, jesus, Mohammad,,.....
This stone worshiper guru is a false prophet
Dr Neelam Verma
A R Rahman
Manjit Singh
Guruji taking control of others in anyway is a crime in the chapter of God, isn't it?
love n peace
Absolutely amazing power full message 🙌💪🙏
Prãfüll râl
Wahhhhhhhhhhhh awsm#SadGuru
sunita sharma
V true but difficult to remember
sunita sharma
Koti naman sadguru
Does his voice have ASMR effects on anybody else, or is it just me?
Priya Kulkarni
Psychologists say it is easy to fool ourselves. We take easily available information about a person and make decisions. We don’t spend time in knowing all the information about that person or incident. Because it is hard work. Because of our life frustrations and overwhelming problems we are desperate for someone to lead us. We get fooled by some who speaks sweet and trust 100%. This dumb guru talks about daily life in philosophical and psychological religious and scientific terms making a cocktail mixer and it sounds good to listen!! That is about it. With practice anyone can answer any question by mixing this !!!
Tish Anne
I have been waiting for decades to be right here listening to this Lost Advice that Is so much wisdom in simple terms. Wow
Mary Tameno
I am so Thankful for those that made my life complete...... Lol!😂
hindi song Chowdhury
I am 12 year old kid to hear this....
But I can understand you sir, I truly admire you and your motivational words.,,, make more videos.. and i shall definitely watch it... you don't worthy a like or 10000000000 like... u deserve many more more more more more than that ,,, thank you... God bless you... 😊😊😊
George Smith
This mofo is deep
sivakarthik siva
Sadhguru, I love you so much, because so many times u guided me to right way from the wrong way
Survive Thsht
Oh yes lets not forget that humans are only human and we all make mistakes and/or bad choices and regardless if it hurts someone that is not for you to judge because that is their choice to hurt. What matters is how we deal and handle the pain because you cannot make anyone be good. So just go your path and be strong in faith in your goodness and that evil and bad are just your preceptions of actions and have no basis onto anothers ideology because that is their right of choice in this life. ppfffttttt
I thank all the girls in my life who never accepted my proposals.
James Holland
isn't it?
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The Simplest Way to a Healthy Life | Sadhguru SADHGURU: This SPEECH Will 2 days ago   09:55

If you want to keep your body well, Sadhguru explains, then you must use it! The more you use it, the better it gets. Health is not an invention or an idea - If the body, mind, and life energies are well exercised, then health will naturally come.

Sadhguru Talks @ Residents Sathsang, Isha Yoga Center, Sep 2007


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