EVERYONE MUST KNOW THIS Vatican Forbidden Bible - The Revelation 3 months ago   21:02

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EVERYONE MUST KNOW THIS before it is deleted, Why is the US government always hiding it world news

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It is never too late to love one another, respect one another.
Key words.. Justified by Christianity! Not that white folk are bad but the over zealous and pompous christian and jewish led folk were and still are the murderers!
To the victor belongs the spoils, smiles.
FE 88
Christopher columbus was a sephardic jew!
Dj_Ash94 Roblox
U mmmm when is this deleted
Shericka Henyard
I'm half Cherokee and black African American
Mexica Empire
Belive it or not like it or not the USA Government global world power of economy and military power will FALL do too its evil past history and present every Nation rises and falls but only a few can rise back up and be good but the USA will not rise too power never ever again and that's a good thing God is punishing the USA as you can see USA power is slowly going down Long live the true Americans the first people of America
Somebody need to make a Indian movie 💯
World History Revisited
If you disliked this you have no soul
Geelle Guure
These indigenous people who welcomed and respected European settlers and other followers has full rights to be respected and given great love and harmony to heal the wounds before its too late. For my life I met and saw three natives. one female and two gents, they are one of the best people I had ever met. They had great hurts, love and passion to any human being. Really it was amazing. I fall in love to these super humans who has great and rich cultures. I believe to respect and love every human on this earth created by GOD. GOD created this earth for humans to grow live and enjoy, it is in every true religious scripture to respect other  brothers and sister in humanity and not to harm them at all. In the after life we will be held accountable for our atrocities towards innocent humans. But luckily GODs forgiveness is always open and its never to late to change history.
Claire Peace
As a British person I listen to America about our royal family and the rest of the world ! I really think and feel that America forgets the true American xx the red indian xx
Thirdeye Isawake
This saddens me. American greed. Let people be, love, and be free!
Why don't black people realize that they were traded or sold to native tribes to ne used as slaves. Many tribes treated them worse than any white owner. Fact
Kyle D
A vague and narrow minded portrayal of history. Some good info though
Billy Garrison
divine discovery is not a Christian Doctrine. A true Christian would not murder or torture a people as the Spanish did. There is nowhere in the Bible where this is found to be a Godly Christian Belief. A Christian is to be like Christ and love one another.
Mary Poole
check out what queen elizabeth did to the indegenous indians ---!!!!
Kembelastik Ekere
Jennifer Keith
What things to change... teach the rainbow children the truth and the way of our ancestors. If we clam our descendants and educate them we will win in numbers. We will always be a great people. We must come together.
It's funny how this virus spread all over the world and destroyed all cultures, with the term savage on there lips. They should have looked in the mirror there the only savages I've ever seen. I'm not sure what is wrong with these people. The funny thing is they actually try to convince us that we are the crazy ones, yeah right.
Immortal Toro
Someone help me get in contact with Ernie Lapointe. I have a message for him
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Vatican Forbidden Bible - The Revelation EVERYONE MUST KNOW THIS 3 months ago   55:18

Vatican Almost Destroyed These Scriptures - The Revelation of Adam - Nag Hammadi Codex, Full Reading

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