Extinction Rebellion: "We want the lawmakers MPs welcomed by Extinction Rebellion on their 2 days ago   09:00

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François Picard interviews Jayne Forbes, spokesperson for the Extinction Rebellion movement, that have been organizing disruptive protests across London for the last nine days in the name of the environment.

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Lee Oliver
It's not the job of the police to support you. It's their job to police.
Eventhough instead of being violent as they are with Fracking protesters they dance in the streets with you lot. I smell a rat.
The sun drives our climate and sustains life via carbon dioxide cycle which is an essential element in our environment and human lives. Climate change consideration must also include the contribution from the sun until then, its only an emotional rhetoric flying around. What people need to do is to PROTEST about the destructive impact of corporate and multinational businesses, the military industrial complexes and the bankers that are funding it all, as THEIR global activities are the root Cause of the global degradation, abuse, poisoning and the terminal destruction of our environment with its ecosystems, which all lives depend on. Climate change is only a distraction put out by the same corporations who were responsible for polluting the environment and destroying the global ecosystems in such a way that varieties of organic lives are now extinct while others are facing extinction, all due to rapacious exploitation of the environment caused by those sponsoring and promoting XR, what a chick!!
“People’s assemblies where they will make deci.... talk about the issues...” I suspect the ‘people’ will not be making any decisions at all and corporate interests will hijack these concerns and issues to fund a ‘green’ industrial revolution, probably using public money. Sounds familiar... socialising costs, privatising profits.
bruce thornton
The police should also form a barricade between lobbyists and mp’s, if they’re gonna do it against the public.
Like how Corbyn managed to get a seat right next to the girl for the max photo op.. joke at 5:36 love the plastic skeletons more land fill. 5;40 sign saying wildfires raging this weekend ever one was started by a bbq and another by somebody on purpose nothing to do with climate change?
Alien Treasury
extinction rebellion is the british secret service. they are warning the public extra-terrestrials are creating climate change
Ffghjyyhgt Fffgtrrtt
Bomb them with pork
stephen morris
Robert Brown
She even looks like a village idiot, and look at the other protesters a bigger bunch of hypocritical wankers ever assembled.
patricia may
This Women is insane.
Windows On The World
The UN backed coup to accelerate Agenda 2030. This is the most obvious controlled opposition ever.
16 year old girl = the experts ?
PigMine 7
Nut jobs
rothschild war bank
We are gonna run out of fossil fuels eventually. Its nothing .Not saving a drop....best plan ...
Snarl Crook
Climate has been changing since the earths inception, bird brains like this woman and her comrades actually are narcissistic enough to believe they can stop the planet doing what it has always done.
Secular reflecter
Oh yes, let's mandate public transportation and outlaw cars. YOU don't need one to get to work, but you and friendly bureaucrats will decide policies that affect everybody else. This is Macronism, which the yellow vests are revolting against in France.
Sunny Fairclough
Fake political movement. Anti Geoengineering banners? Anti Geoengineering speeches? Fake data
Nathlie Majskolv
With all the respect to Greta, but wtf?? They're ignoring the word of real scientist and now they pretend to listen to a child?
chuck jackson
Alls the government's of any nation is going to do is tax the people to death and say were doing all we can . Meanwhile the taxes will go directly into the politicians pockets or programs like nancys flying 3 hundred thousand dollar bar for her , families and friends when she takes them all over the world free trips. No changes from government will make a difference.
SHEEPY 14842
The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) has blown a hole in the ozone layer..You talk to your scientists. and leave my happy cows alone ! :)
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MPs welcomed by Extinction Rebellion on their Extinction Rebellion: "We want the lawmakers 2 days ago   01:01

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