JUST CALL ME THE SCREWDRIVER | Hitman Hawkes Bay Kill Everyone Challenge 2 weeks ago   19:46

The Hitman is back! But this time he goes by a different name... The Screwdriver

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Shattered Reaper
If only the katana was used (not thrown, USED!!!) XD
Jaxcraft 28
10:10: PFT! That's hilarious! XD
Jaxcraft 28
5:02: PFT! Jack just made a He-Man reference! XD
Jaxcraft 28
I love stealth games like this. Where you have a home base and then go on missions to stealthily take out your targets.
Jaxcraft 28
YES! I'm back again to see Jack become a *Deep Jack voice* SEXY STEALTHY HITMAN.
Prunes TheGod
“Like you’ll ever hit me with that sc-“

Gets stabbed by screwdriver
Neo the Shadow Warrior
13:59 you totally won’t get hit
whacky 7
5:01 that was a shera refrence
Antlive Million
Why are u so quiet
Dragon OwO
Hey jack you can actually shoot the locks on doors and it unlocks
lol, you were able to throw screwdrivers/knives back in hitman: absolution. I dunno if it was in the earlier ones, but its not a "new addition" in any way
Gamers Galore
Did anyone else notice the QR scan on the back of the hitman's bald head?
Bean Beanson
i like how jack never uses the guns but uses the screwdriver
Adrian Deck
Jack 2 weeks til ive been watching 4 years! Rember the firsy vr vid, the draw my life, the vidoe you talked about your horse
fucking normies Dark Web Searcher
Jack:they'll never see me........CAW CAW!!!!!! soldier:Enemy Spotted
11:03 “Faster daddy faster” jacksepticeye -2018
Predrag Radinovic
your name shuold be jackaboy47
Predrag Radinovic
those are bens but ok i dont mind
*Hit or Miss, guess they never miss, huh?*
DJ Death
Sooo happy that jacks playing the second one
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Hawkes Bay Kill Everyone Challenge JUST CALL ME THE SCREWDRIVER | Hitman 2 weeks ago   24:10

Time for another Kill Everyone Challenge! It's only a short one but I thought I'd get it done early and have some fun with it. I hope you guys enjoy! If you do then don't forget to hit the like button to support the video and subscribe for more! :)

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