Witness The Kitness - Cat Face Cat Face | Cat Chup | episodes 1-10 4 months ago   03:46

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Cat Face is having foodie nightmares and wants to get buff. Time to call in Old Lady.

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Animated by Zekeyspaceylizard
Written by Sarah Darling

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Linette Limaru Limite
I love Cat Face. ^w^
where is cat face
Toby Dominus
Okay jellybean one
Toby Dominus
Do you want some crisps oh yes please
Toby Dominus
Please oh yes please and you want some please oh yes please
Toby Dominus
You have a problem with promises go pro return we owe Fred Fred Fred Frederick weird
Toby Dominus
Thomases videos made with Singapore D made by djay LE penguin
Toby Dominus
Goes well yeah yeah yeah okay all day about you hello I don’t know you promises go brown don’t know yeah so many stop where did you go to videos I see what appears to be is the camera connector because for recognising promises gobble A good weekend with morning with you when Thomas was Bobrow and we wanted and she can’t find his go pro anywhere in the snow when I have so many thoughtful digits of him driving down the room so in the Queen take the daddy ever sleep you got the province of got room to hornist please do you know nearer the community where did them well where we want everything I didn’t want to have a go bankrupt recognising Thomases tell me is it phonez are you yes foxes reckon is not recognising for me recognising wrong for me does the 12th know why did I don’t want to have a go bankrupt with it ouch starting with Thomas was taking his go pro know when suddenly Alfred freak freak oh Fred Fred Fred Fred promises go room it started when Thomas was going to die die no when sanitary meow meow yell meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow near me are meow baldie I will have a problem with Thomas and go bro i’m going to now (Frank Frank oh what is my road it started when Thomas what is the poem know when sanitary prick
Toby Dominus
Mummy call me not having a go
Lily is an egg
Rewatching, remember watching this when I was 5 when my brother (11) introduced it to me
Gabriel Pereira
How you make the uptempo meow music?
Will you ever make more cat face but with more dark themes and humour?
Thomas Tompkins
Still want a Catface clock ... a guy can dream haha
Mim Miao
"Wanna buy mice?" kinda remembers me of "Got a light?" from Twin Peaks!
Tina Louise
I love cat face
those mice are pretty sexy though
did they have marijuana in this house of cats?
Ros Narun L 'O Connell
How did I miss this? I love Cat Face. Wish ye would make more Cat Face it is so funny.
This is art in its purest form
Jordan Q
stewie griffin
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Cat Face | Cat Chup | episodes 1-10 Witness The Kitness - Cat Face 4 months ago   14:08

To welcome back Cat Face to the MrWeebl channel we're compiling all his existing episodes into collections of ten. Then when we're all caught up the new episode will go up. Hold on.

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