How do Pennsylvania voters feel about Rosenstein takes on critics of Mueller 2 days ago   07:44

The economy grew faster than expected, putting GDP up 3.2% in the first quarter. CNN's Miguel Marquez went to Erie, Pennsylvania, to see how much a good economy helps President Donald Trump's chances for re-election. #CNN #News

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Uneducated hillbillies!
such a great economy! full of jobs that don't pay a living wage or offer any real benefits for their employees so you have to take three jobs to make ends meet. but hey it make the economy look better because of the people working 3 jobs. funny how no one will ever talk about under employment.
Buster Hyman
3 million votes in Liberal states like California and New York that made no difference in the 2016 election meathead .That WASNT 3 Million votes scattered all over the nation for Hillory , dufus .
Trumps def growing the economy, however him as a person is what’s the problem. He splits the country, doesn’t think before he speaks... etc. so the question is, you can vote for Trump, but at what cost?
Idiot americans will not learn that voting between 2 (TWO) parties is not democratic. Its also insanely stupid to expect positive Change voting the same Two parties into office over and over again. But americans are among the least intelligent people in the world they will never learn.
John Smith
We cant wait to re-elect him.
Iron man Iron man
No one can do miracles in two years. Trump likes to make himself famous at the expense of others.. like we say riding in some else horse.
Can anyone tell how was the economy in 2008 when Obama became president. And who’s fault was when the economy crashes.
It’s not the same building a economy from scratch than just seating on the table with everything in your hands all served... and just to be clear trump it’s not real millionaire like he said he is Compare to bill gates, mark suckerberg and some others.
Pacific Blue
No sane person wants Trump to serve a second term.
Trump's Brick Layer
$21 trillion in debt from the last 4 POTUS , now you want Trump to fix everything yesterday and with out hurting anybody's feeling. You can fix stupid people
Section8 millionaire
my company cant find enough employes. We are railroad based and pay $21.00 for laborers and 29 for operators. Alot of failed drug tests. To be honest, alot of people just dont want to go out and get it.
Ron Kek
Yesterday proves your story is fake
Pepe Lepu
TRUM 2016, 2020, 2024, 2028
Retired Early 53
Years ago I used to be a school yard Bully !!!!!! I love Trump , the way he bullies and mocks people !!!!!!!!!!
David N
Fake news CNN
Austin Carlson
isaac powell
"Because his personality is nasty" That is some of the lefts points against Trump. I didn't vote for Trump to be a good role model, I voted for Trump because he can get the job done.
Melvis Fernandez
He is not a role model? So killing babies, teaching shity dicking and taking your freedom is by demoncrats is?
The Fireblaster
Trumpanzees are so incredibly stupid.
Lucien Morningstar
Economy wise trump should win. If people care about their job they should.
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Rosenstein takes on critics of Mueller How do Pennsylvania voters feel about 2 days ago   08:40

US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein defends his role in the Russia probe while speaking at an event in New York.