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Dr. David Neiman (1921-2004) was an internationally renowned scholar, speaker, and writer who inspired many people. His life's work concerned the intricate relations between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism throughout history and in modern times. Dr. Neiman made history come alive through his dramatic presentations and unique interpretations. In light of our current world situation, Dr. Neiman's work is not only extremely relevant but also remarkably prescient. More than anything, Dr. Neiman was a keen observer of the human condition. His words convey our shared history with clarity, humor, and humanity.

Dr. Neiman was the first Jewish scholar appointed to teach Religion at Boston College, one of America's leading Catholic Universities. He served as Professor in the Department of Theology for a quarter of a century. While there he was also invited to teach at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. After retiring from Boston College, Dr.Neiman moved to Los Angeles, where he taught at Loyola Marymount University, St. John' s Seminary in Camarillo and the University of Judaism in Bel Air.

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just found, great
Of course Dr. Neiman is right, but I would have liked to share something interesting about the "ages" of Abraham and Sarah with Dr. Neiman, so I share it here.
It is all about Isaac, or Yithschaq as he is called in Hebrew. Most people know that this means "he laughs", which is also explained in the story.
But watch the letters used for the name Yithschak. Y is "he" which means it is a son, the next letter is the Tsad which has the numerical value of 90, Sarah's "age". The last letter is the Qoph, which has the numerical value of 100, Abraham's age. In between is the letter Chet, which means: a wall, a seperation. It is the seperation between man and woman.
In Hebrew a name is alway given by a superior authority (like your parents, or the king). Some names in the Bible are given by Elohim - this has a specific meaning. So Elohim changes the names of Abram and Sarai, and gives Isaac his name. (Jacob - Israel, same idea).
The name Eve, Chawah, also begins with the letter Chet, which shows the seperation between the male and the female within the species (as many of you might know: Adam means the human and consists of both males and females. The "rib" is also to show that man and woman are equal - Dr. Neiman also tells this in one of the video's)
Sometimes I tell people jokingly that the Chet in the name Chawah (Eve) represents the hymen. :)
mitzvah golem
mitzvah golem
Orthodox Judaism does NOT take Torah Tanakh literally. We have Oral Tradition Talmud. Reform Jews seems clueless about chazal and Mishna. This man is correct.
יעקוב אינורס
that's why we have Mishna Talmud and Gemara.
David, you speak out of ignorance. You really can’t understand the TaNaKh and history in general until you have read and understood the work of Emmanuel Velikovsky.
These videos have influenced me much.
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FOUND A SECRET HIDDEN in the bible, Don't take the Bible literally 2 months ago   03:31

Evangelist Nick Garrett - WOAH! The bible contains some amazingly deep truth. Learning the basics of the Hebrew Alphabet allows one to explore the depth of meaning laid out in God’s word. I am a novice at best and am able to add to the depth of understanding.

Please enjoy and share this little nugget of truth, grab yourself the alphabet, and pictographs online and get started yourself.

I would be remiss if I did not thank people like John Kostik who shares his passion for Hebrew and teaching others to study it as well. He inspired me to go look these things up and has done so for many.