Katie Porter Hilariously Dunks Rep. Katie Porter: Ben Carson 2 days ago   06:36

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Boom Cube
4:52 did she just advocate for late term abortions?
Boom Cube
The collective IQ of all the people in this comment section is: OMG YOU GO GUUURLLL
Boom Cube
3:54 did you just assume the other people’s gender, past experiences, and whether they are transgender or not?

Tis a joke. But very indicative of the “new age liberals”, please some leftists prove me wrong.
TRUMP 2020 vote for TRUMP
Jayson Waddell
I don't think he got upset. Even if he did, it was so mild it's hardly worth mentioning as many times as you did.
jim bishop
I was with you until you went into the weeds about forcing women to give birth! I believe no one should be forced to give birth in the case of health issues, rape, or incest! After that you begin to lap over into personal responsibility. No one forced anyone to have unprotected sex and get pregnant. A person made that choice.... they should be responsible for the consequences of that choice! I firmly believe in a woman's right to choose.... choose not to have an unwanted pregnancy, this is 2019 we have over 5000 products that will achieve that goal. Use one! I don't think a woman's "right to choice" should be synonymous with "fix my fuck up" !
I am flummoxed. I believe her, & I believe it’s a person’s personal decision whether to charge their rapist & there are many reasons people choose not to. But to say she thinks charging trump would be disrespectful to the women who are being raped by BP & ICE agents makes ZERO sense. If anything she should be charging him ON BEHALF of those victims who have no voice. I’m beyond disappointed, angry & actually confused that she would say that that’s her reasoning. Also, it’s great that she got over it—she was well-groomed by a patriarchal, misogynistic society—but she kind of implies that the trauma of rape is easy to get over. For most victims it’s not, & she should’ve clarified that.
Keith Hunter
She slam dunked and hit the game winner
Nancy Rodriguez
Bill Maher was just being honest and he has never claimed to be perfect. I’m sure that none of us is perfect. Abortion is a tough topic. It just is. But her point was valid, I agree with you on that.
Ned Thumberland
*I am a man, but I've found it very puzzling as to why it's so hard for other men to understand that no one should be forced to have anything in his or her body -- even if that's a zygote, which has the potential to develop into a full human being. I have never met anyone who is all giddy about abor tions. I don't encourage anyone to do it, but if a woman decides to do it, who am I to tell her how to deal with what's in her body and if she needs to risk her life to keep what's in her body?*
she so rocks!
I'm a fan of yours, but I didn't see him getting mad at all bro.
Lan Tarryk Kozar
You really should be on every news network.
Julie Henderson
Love you Katie! Does the U.S. Govt. Mandate when a man can/can not have children? Why do the U.S. citizens pay to raise the child on poverty when the sperm donor runs away from responsibility. Wear a condom or pay up!
Michael Edwards
He was just mad he was out-funnied.
It’s hard to tell... but i’ll just decide he’s annoyed... hack. He said clearly he believes in choice.
He wasn’t bothered. The way he was acting was the funniest thing he could have done at that point “act offended.” He was being funny.
judd stoned
Katie Porter is going to be the first female POTUS.
Laurence Owen
He's playing along.
James Woods
That was hilarious. Well done and good for her making her point.
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Rep. Katie Porter: Ben Carson Katie Porter Hilariously Dunks 2 days ago   06:33

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) talks to Lawrence about her questions that stumped HUD Secretary Ben Carson including when he thought a mortgage term was the word "Oreos."
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Rep. Katie Porter: Ben Carson Gave ‘Zero Competent Answers’ In Hearing | The Last Word | MSNBC