My 16th Birthday Was A Nightmare I'm A Tomboy, And No One Wants To Date Me 5 months ago   06:17


This is Tara, and she wants to tell you about her 16th birthday. Normally, a 16th birthday is something very special that you’re supposed to remember forever. Well, that was also true in her case!

She should probably say something about her background. Tara has a very interesting family. To all appearances, they’re just a regular middle class family – her parents, her sister who is one year older than her, and Tara herself. But the fact is, they live in a circus. Or at an amusement park. Or both. Everyone in her family is a prankster, and even if from time to time it can get very tiring, Tara adores them. She’s a prankster as well, just a less experienced one, so sometimes their jokes are very unexpected, and she gets scared. But she never feels offended – humour is what makes our lives funnier, after all.

But, turning back to her 16th birthday, at the time it certainly didn’t seem like a time for jokes, and she was horribly scared. But, well, no spoilers. She was planning a huge party, with all of her relatives and friends invited. Initially, Tara wanted to organize everything on her own, but her parents insisted on taking care of everything, and she was supposed to just to relax, make herself pretty and turn up at the venue they had chosen. Sounds like a plan! She made an appointment to do her hair and nails on her birthday, so that straight from there she could go directly to the party, all beautiful and well dressed.

The day started out with a very nice surprise. Tara was supposed to get her presents at the party, so didn’t expect anything in the morning. But as soon as she opened her eyes – surprise-surprise! – she saw car keys on her pillow! Whaaaa? Was it a prank? After all the happy birthday stuff, her parents informed her that they were giving her their old car! Technically it wasn’t a gift, but they thought she would be pleased in any case. Hell yes, she was! She had just got her driving license and it was the first day she was able to drive a car on her own. Yaaay! She decided to make use of it at once and asked her sister to accompany her to the hairdresser’s, because she didn’t feel confident enough to drive on her own.

She and her sister stopped off to get a coffee and then headed on to the surprise location of the party, with her sister guiding her to where it was. Then suddenly, she started begging Tara to stop at a nearby mall, as she needed to use the bathroom badly.

As she watched her sister walking back, she saw something strange. There was some man following her. “Meh, just a coincidence,” she thought. But he followed her all the way through the parking lot. She began to feel nervous, and started the engine so that she could pick her up and leave at once. But as she was inexperienced, she didn’t manage to do it quickly enough. Now her sister also noticed that something was happening; she looked back, noticed the man and sped up. But it was too late. As she opened the back door of the car ready to jump in, he pushed her inside forcefully and jumped into the car as well.

Tara froze. She was shocked. What the heck was going on?! The man, who looked like a junkie or a criminal on the loose, kicked her seat and said “What are you waiting for? Go!” She was completely numb and just obeyed. But then anger rose inside her, and she said “What do you want?! I am going to stop right now, and you will get out of this car!”

She heard her sister whining in the background – poor thing, she could clearly feel that his knife very close. “Look, it’s my birthday today! You don’t want to ruin it!” “Oh please, I couldn’t care less about your birthday! Just drive where I tell you to and everything will be ok”. Tara obeyed. She was horribly scared – you know, they were the witnesses, her sister and her, and if they spotted his hideaway she was sure he would murder them. The man just stayed silent, apart from giving her directions, and kept on glaring at her ominously.

When suddenly the man said, “You can drop me off at the end of the street, and I’ll go on foot. If you tell the police, I’ll find you”. She just nodded, not believing her luck, and stopped the car in front of a restaurant on the corner of the street.

He opened the door, but wouldn’t leave. She looked back in terror, and saw that people were running out of the restaurant. It was…her parents and all of her friends! They were yelling: “Birthday prank! Surprise!” And her sister and the man were laughing in the back seat. It turned out that it had all just been her parents’ latest prank to get her to her birthday party, and the man was an actor. Of course, she cried hysterically when all the pressure ebbed away from her, but then…Well, you may find it cruel, but in the end they all had a good laugh about it. At least her parents had made sure Tara would remember her 16th birthday party forever.

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Thanks for support ACTUALLY HAPPENED guys! It means A WORLD for me!
LOVE YOU ALL My Teacher Bullied Me. I REVENGED!
Ziad Rafii
Girl your parents have problems who agrees with me ?
valerie matthe
If that happen in real life when he go out of the car I probably would have tried to hit him with the car then call the police
Minsha Jihan
Up for you guys for your game tomorrow I have your car ready for you I have your truck I have your dad by
Dalia X
Lol the birthday on her drivers license is the exact same day I was born even the year 🤣❤️
Tara Vincic
I'm watching this bcz today had a horrible birthday and guess what my name is? Tara
Albana TheGamer
Just choke him with your nails! Or are they too pretty to ruin 😆
Wtf are you doing here
Wtf are you doing here
OMG,what if she worked up the courage to stab the man or if she had it, sprayed him in the face with pepper spray....not to mention that was pretty messed up for your family to to that to you..on your birthday.
Naenae Aguilar
At least you get a birthday

I haven’t had a birthday for four years
*When it’s time to put your parents up for adoption*
Alivia Chaudhuri
fimuanshayvon fimuanshayvln1
guess what my phone is at 16%
Beauty_ Terra
My birthday was yesterday and I just sat in my room and got ignored and then went out to eat lunch it was one of the most boring days of my life
Michaela Thomas
That was not funny
Margaretta Sales
why would your family do that to you on your sixteenth birthday don't they know that that is the most important day in a person's life because they get everything that they wanted comes true because they start a new life as a young adult and then they parade you that is so wrong what they did was wrong and they should trust me if they keep on playing these pranks literally they could end up going to jailbad so either learn to tell your family that that prank was not good and some of the comments decided that it was not good because you could have got her thinking that she had to literallyJetta Lily call the police on it every single body what if she couldnt calm down and just like grab your phone and called the police orange parentsand it's not even going to be your fault it's going to be your parents because they can't get over the fact that sometimes jokes are not good for you to do on people because some people like what they said they were going to do a prank on a baby two month old baby what if you did something that made the baby scream in terrorpeople can go to prison for scaring a baby they can it's a baby it's like young it's not that old it's a baby so please tell your parents that it's my 16th birthday you shouldn't have done that that was another wise tell your parents to stop playing pranks on it's not niceif you guys all laughing yet but it's not nice if it's on your birthday and it has to do with you thinking that you're going to get hurt and I don't even care if you laugh in the end when that stuff happens cuz it is not good to happen it's bad people do not want to be around your parents if you do that like literally no I don't even want to watch this video again and I just want to dump thumbs down this videoso you should have made the video cuz now I'm worried about what your parents are going to do to you understand 19th birthday I didn't mean to say 19th mxs hey 17th birthday they could ruin all your birthdays do you want that to happenif you don't want it to happen maybe you should tell your parents straight to their faces I don't like the party cuz you really gave me the scares and that after you get in the actor that looks like that 😒😣😔🙁😕😟😠😤😤😤😤😡😾👎👎👎
This is actually horrible, imagine if she could've just lost all hope and decide to crash the car!
Jordan Dunn
Oh no what would have happen was I would literally yell at my parents what type of party
Axela Xo
It was my birthday and I have a bunk bed. I woke up the morning of my party and started climbing down the ladder, still half asleep. Suddenly, I stepped on a balloon on the floor and screamed! I stepped on like 2 more and realized that my floor was flooded with balloons. I walked in the kitchen and saw my mom and her boyfriend yelling “Happy Birthday!”
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I'm A Tomboy, And No One Wants To Date Me My 16th Birthday Was A Nightmare 5 months ago   05:09


This is Jo. Actually, her name is Josephine, but you wouldn’t be able to imagine a person less suitable to be called Josephine. She’s a tomboy, and she’s proud of it. However, life as a tomboy is not as amusing as you might imagine. She’s faced a lot of problems, and she wants to tell you about them.

Jo had trouble communicating with other girls right from her early childhood. She remembers one time when a large group of children had gathered in one place for a party or something, and her mom gently pushed her towards the other girls and said, “go play with the dolls, make friends with someone!” She diligently started moving dolls here and there and listening to boring talk about girly problems, but all the while she kept looking at the boys, who were playing something thrilling, laughing and doing their boyish stuff. She was so envious that at some point she just silently stood up and joined them. That was the moment when the fun started for her.

Things didn’t improve as the years went by. Jo was always attracted to the world of boys, and all of her friends were boys as well. She felt at ease when she talked to them, and felt that she understood their problems and their way of thinking better. Whereas when she was around girls, she was totally clueless. Their problems were hard for her to follow, especially when they complained about boys.

Jo had to adapt her looks to her lifestyle as well. When she went out with her friends, they always did something active, like skateboarding or exploring abandoned buildings or climbing trees. For these kinds of things, you need to dress in a practical way. She found out that jeans and hoodies are much more comfortable in this respect than typical girls’ clothes, which she had always hated in any case. And that is how she has dressed her whole life. For Jo, it was always a tragedy when they made some formal visit and she needed to dress “properly”, as people would call it. A cute dress, shiny shoes, a neat hairdo… ugh. As you can probably imagine, phrases like “wear skirts, be more feminine, you’re a girl” were the things she kept hearing time and again, until at one point her parents just gave up.

It wasn’t that Jo felt she was ugly or anything, and that being a tomboy was her way of gaining confidence. She actually thinks she’s quite cute, and when she’s forced to be a girly girl she looks no worse than her peers. For her, being a tomboy is a lifestyle, and she’s happy with that. The problem was that some time ago, she’d noticed that her friends had started dating.

One of the things that people were often mistaken about was the belief that because Jo was a tomboy, she must be gay. But she’s actually attracted to boys, not girls. Ironically, she actually gets a lot of backtalking from girls who say that she’s just trying to get attention from all the boys around her. She’s never taken this seriously, because she’s never had THAT kind of attention from the boys. Which is actually the core of her problem.

Yes, she’s seeking her first romance. She has lots of boys around her. So what’s the problem, you might ask. The problem is that they don’t really see her as a girl! They know she’s a girl, of course, but they don’t want to date her, because who would date a bro? Once, there was a boy she liked, and she thought it would be wise to approach him and ask if he wanted to go out with her. And guess what – he just laughed at her! He wasn’t mean or anything, it was more something like “Sorry bro, I don’t see you as a GIRL”. Seeing the look on her face, he corrected himself: “I mean, THAT kind of a girl”. Oh thanks, now that’s much better!

This was the first time when being a tomboy had a negative effect on her life. She even tried to put on make up and a dress, but felt really weird and the boys just looked at her strange as well. She gave up and lost hope. It seemed like it was a price that she had to pay to keep the comfortable and amusing life of a tomboy. She became a bit melancholic looking at all those happy couples, and felt that something was missing from her life for the first time.

One day she was invited out to go skateboarding, but she wasn’t in the mood so she just sat there, watching her friends and thinking her sad thoughts. One of her oldest friends soon came over to sit with her and asked why she was so sad. She didn’t want to lie, so she explained everything as it really was – that no one wanted to date her because no one considered her a potential girlfriend. “Don’t cry”, he said, “I’ll go on a date with you!” She refused out self-respect. “I don’t need charity”, she said. Suddenly, he became very serious and said that he really wanted to. And so she accepted. Accidentally, she had made the same mistake all her friends had made with her – she hadn’t considered his feelings, because you don’t go on dates with buddies. Well, she was mistaken.

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